Biden as World War III Imminent: Climate Change Is “the Only Existential Threat to Humanity” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden delivered remarks at the Tioga Marine Terminal on Friday and announced the locations of seven hubs to manufacture hydrogen.

Biden tripped and almost fell on his face as he took the stage.

As usual, Biden’s speech was full of lies and bizarre gaffes: “Inflation is coming down!” he exclaimed.

At one point Joe Biden said climate change is the “only existential threat” to humanity.

Iran’s proxy army Hamas launched a terror attack on Israel last weekend and took American hostages.

Tensions are also escalating on the Lebanon border. Hezbollah terrorists are exchanging gunfire with Israel Defense Forces. Rockets from Syria were also fired at Israel.

The entire Middle East is growing more and more unstable by the day.

Russia, a nuclear power, is also threatening the United States as the Biden Regime continues to supply Ukraine with military aid.

The world is inching toward nuclear war and Joe Biden is obsessing over non-existent climate change.

“I came to office determined to get this country up again so we could face the existential threat of climate and still grow! To fundamentally change our economy!” Biden said.

“By the way, [climate change] is the “only existential threat to humanity. If we don’t get below these numbers – the whole world is changing. Our kids are gonna be and our grandkids are gonna be… anyway. I can’t even think about it,” Biden said.


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