Whale sharks help golden carangs migrate great distances

It has always been a mystery how golden carangi, a commercial fish species found in the Pacific and Indian oceans, spread so widely. Recently, Australian scientists from James Cook University (JCU) solved the mystery. It turns out that carangi have learned to travel great distances thanks to whale sharks. This discovery is of great importance for understanding the migration of fish and their ability to overcome biogeographic barriers.

A study conducted by oceanographers at JCU found that populations of golden carangs are found from the east coast of Africa to the western shores of North America and from southern Japan to northern Australia. This means that these fish are capable of traveling great distances and overcoming geographical barriers.

A scientific team at JCU has discovered that juvenile golden carangs use whale sharks as “cabs” for their travels. Whale sharks, which are the largest of today’s fish, migrate great distances, leaving a thin zone behind them. With less water resistance, the following carangs save energy and can reach regions inaccessible to their relatives.

This discovery has important implications for science. It was previously thought that fish could only move by swimming or using currents. However, we now see that they can use other animals as a means of transportation. This opens up new perspectives for studying fish migration and their adaptation to changing environmental conditions.

In addition, this finding emphasizes the importance of whale shark conservation. If these fish become extinct, golden carangs will lose their long-distance transportation method. Therefore, measures must be taken to conserve and protect whale sharks.

It is interesting to note that carangi and whale sharks establish a special bond. Whale sharks use electric fields to detect prey, and carangi find protection from predators and food by traveling with them. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership that allows both species to survive and thrive.

Thus, the discovery by Australian scientists that golden carangs use whale sharks for their travels is a significant step in the study of fish migration and their ability to cross geographic barriers. It also underscores the importance of whale shark conservation in preserving the diversity of marine life.

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