WEF Insider Boasts of Plot To Force Humanity To Stop Eating Meat

A World Economic Forum insider has boasted the globalist elite have found the solution to force humanity to stop eating meat and consuming resources and these plans are being rolled out now to fight so-called “climate change.”

Eating red meat, under the WEF’s new plan, will result in a person becoming violently ill or even dying.

This evil plot against humanity has been in the works for years, and now we are seeing the first signs play out before our very eyes.

The World Economic Forum has been calling for governments to genetically modify citizens so that they become “allergic to consuming meat”, as part of a plan to fight global boiling.

Make no mistake, the globalist elite have been carefully planning this attack on humanity for decades.

In 2016, Dr. Matthew Liao, a WEF bioethicist, called for human beings to be genetically engineered to become much smaller in size and completely meat-intolerant. Eating meat, under the WEF’s plans, would result in a person becoming violently ill or even dying.

That’s right, the WEF’s bioethicist admitted the globalists want to shrink humanity, through eugenics or hormones, making us smaller and weaker, so we consume less resources.

Dr. Liao’s elitist proposals might sound absurd, like something from a science fiction novel, but globalist entities like the WEF and Gates Foundation take his philosophies very seriously.

Did you catch that? Dr. Liao said engineering ticks to bite humans and make them intolerant to meat is, and I quote, “something we can do.”

But it gets worse.

Here at the People’s Voice we have been warning whoever will listen for years that the globalist elite want to make us sick, weak, and ill.

And now they are making their move. And in typical WEF-style, they have left their fingerprints all over the crime scene.

Australia is often the testing ground for the globalist elite’s evil policies and plans, and it appears the country down under is at the forefront of the elite’s campaign against meat consumption.

Just as Dr. Liao said in 2016, ticks have been engineered to make humans intolerant to meat.

Last week the Australian media reported on an outbreak of the mysterious condition in the country, with ticks suddenly causing an intolerance to red meat.

This is the sorry state of affairs in a WEF-penetrated country. Australia has fallen, and things will only get worse until the people reclaim the nation’s sovereignty.

But it’s not just Australia.

Cases are exploding in the United States as well. Scientific American reported on August 7 that cases are on the rise in the US and doctors usually don’t know anything about it.

The bite of the lone star tick, now found in the U.S. South, Midwest and mid-Atlantic, can trigger a dangerous allergy to red meat, dairy, gelatin and even some life-saving medications. Known as alpha-gal syndrome, nearly half a million Americans have suddenly developed an intolerance to red meat.

Exactly how Dr. Liao from the WEF said it would happen, way back in 2016.

They say that when people show you who they are, you should believe them the first them.

The globalist elite at Davos have been showing us who they really are for decades and humanity has repeatedly given them a pass, refusing to believe that we are in a fight for our lives with a cabal of Satan-worshipping psychopaths who are determined to depopulate the earth.

We have all the evidence we need to haul these criminals before an international tribunal on crimes against humanity charges.

But first, humanity has to wake up and smell the coffee – before it’s too late.

14 American cities have signed a World Economic Forum treaty that legally compels them to ban meat, dairy, and private car ownership by the year 2030.

The WEF-infiltrated U.S. cities have formed a coalition called the “C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group” and together they have established a target to meet the WEF’s radical depopulation goals by the year 2030.

If you are wondering what that looks like in reality, the picture could not be more grim.

The C40 Cities have agreed that their residents will be forced to comply with the following list of unconstitutional rules:

  • “0 kg of meat consumption”
  • “0 kg of dairy consumption”
  • “3 new clothing items per person per year”
  • “0 private vehicles” owned
  • “1 short-haul return flight (less than 1500 km) every 3 years per person”

The globalist plot to coerce humanity to eat alternative protein sources like insects, bugs, crickets and Bill Gates’ synthetic lab-grown meat tissue has been carefully designed to destroy our health, rendering us weak and useless and impotent, just the way the elite want us.

Humans are set to become walking parasites if the global elite get their way and everybody gives up meat. Scientific research reveals these insects contain the perfect “armor” that parasites and pathogens use to infect humans and animals and spread disease inside them.

A 2019 study titled A parasitological evaluation of edible insects and their role in the transmission of parasitic diseases to humans and animals found that consuming insects poses severe health risks to humans due to the transmission of parasitic diseases. From the study:

Parasites were detected in 244 (81.33%) out of 300 (100%) examined insect farms. In 206 (68.67%) of the cases, the identified parasites were pathogenic for insects only; in 106 (35.33%) cases, parasites were potentially parasitic for animals; and in 91 (30.33%) cases, parasites were potentially pathogenic for humans. Edible insects are an underestimated reservoir of human and animal parasites.

Other studies focused on chitin – a natural structural component found in insects’ exoskeletons. A 2007 study published in peer-reviewed Nature journal concluded that chitin causes an allergic reaction in humans.

Maybe that’s our bodies way of telling us that we shouldn’t eat the exoskeleton of insects.

In response to these scientific studies, the WEF said that if you don’t like the idea of eating bugs and lab-grown tissue as part of its Great Reset agenda, then it’s because you’re racist.


(Article by Baxter Dmitry republished from ThePeoplesVoice.tv)

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