Russian Drones Destroy Ukrainian Oil Depot On Romanian Border Amid Retaliation Campaign

Russia is retaliating against the recent frequent cross-border drone attacks on its territory, over the weekend bombing several key Ukraine infrastructure sites, chiefly through drones.

On Sunday Russia's defense ministry announced its forces launched a successful UAV attack on an oil depot that's near the Romanian border. It was reportedly destroyed, but was seen as vital to supplying Ukrainian forces deployed in the Odessa region.

"The Russian Aerospace Force made a group strike by unmanned aerial vehicles this night against fuel storages used for supplies to military vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the port of Reni, Odessa Region. The strike objective was achieved. All the designated targets were engaged," the ministry said.

The statement continued: "Tactical and army aviation, rocket troops and artillery of battlegroups of the Russian Federation Armed Forces engaged manpower and materiel of the adversary in 119 areas."

The main oil depot that was hit is located on the bank of the Danube River which lies opposite NATO-member Romania, raising tensions given Romania has been key to setting up an alternative grain export route for Kiev.

Additionally, more military and infrastructure facilities were hit particularly connected to Ukrainian ports.

RT reported separately that "MOD officials also said Russia had taken out two Ukrainian ammunition depots and a drone command center in southeastern Dnepropetrovsk Region and a Kiev-controlled part of Kherson Region, again using UAV strikes.

At this point amid the last several months of Kiev's stepped-up campaign to attack Russian territory, there have been multiple dozens (if not possibly hundreds) of strikes on Russia and the Crimean peninsula - including as deep into Russia as Moscow and parts of the northwest.

The Kremlin has frequently said it would step up its retaliation on 'decision-making centers' in Ukraine, and that campaign appears to be in process.

While Western and international press reports have highlighted the occasions of brazen cross-border operations against Russian territory out of Ukraine, the major Russian strikes on Ukrainian sites have received less attentions in headlines of late, which has angered and frustrated Kiev officials.

These UAV assaults on Russia and Crimea have become almost daily, particularly drone assaults, but really nothing has changed on the battlefield in terms of the failing counteroffensive. 

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