Obama Insider Confirms Michelle Obama Is Preparing To Enter 2024 Presidential Race

Obama insider and biographer Joel Gilbert has confirmed Michelle Obama is preparing to enter the 2024 presidential race and become the Democratic nominee allegedly due to Biden’s declining cognitive health and moribund poll numbers.

“Look for November for Michelle Obama to indeed announce a run for the White House,” said Joel Gilbert on the Washington Times’ Bold and Blunt podcast.

“Yikes, if you are a limited government type of person,” said Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley in response to the news the former first lady is preparing to replace the ailing Biden as the Democrat establishment choice.

Michelle Obama was spotted in Madrid, Spain this week, shortly before former Fox News host Tucker Carlson released an interview with a man who claims to have had sex and taken drugs with former president Barack Obama.

The former first lady was seen in Madrid, Spain, on Wednesday without her husband, according to the Daily Mail. She reportedly met with former Spanish Ambassador James Costos.

The Mail noted that Michelle had also been spotted on the Spanish island of Mallorca two days previously.

Former first lady Michelle Obama spotted in Mallorca, Spain without husband Barack

The Wednesday outing came hours before Carlson’s interview with Larry Sinclair, which repeated previously reported claims by The People’s Voice regarding Obama’s drug use and sexual history with homosexual men.

In the roughly 40-minute interview, Sinclair claimed he was introduced to Barack by a limousine driver during a night out in Chicago in 1999.

“So he knew Barack Obama and, in his view, Barack Obama liked the same kind of partying you were looking for,” Carlson said.

“Yep,” Sinclair replied.

Sinclair said Barack told him he was married but that he was “going through some issues with the marriage.”

Sinclair alleged that while he and Barack were using cocaine, he began to rub the future president’s thigh, which resulted in “the night [becoming] somewhat active sexually and drug-wise in the limo.”

“It’s not something that he was shocked by,” Sinclair said. “[If you are shocked by it], you don’t get excited and you don’t unbutton your pants and you don’t just sit there and let it happen.

“So it definitely wasn’t Barack’s first time, that much I’m absolutely certain of,” Sinclair added. “And I would almost be willing to bet you it wasn’t his last.”

Indeed, Sinclair said Barack showed up at his hotel room the next day for more of the same.

Sinclair came forward with his allegations in 2007 when Barack was running for president but was dismissed by the establishment media.

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