Newly Surfaced 9/11 Video Shows Unseen Angle of Second Plane Hitting WTC, Questions Raised

A new video of the 9/11 attacks has mysteriously surfaced on YouTube, revealing a previously unseen angle of the second plane hitting the South Tower of the World Trade Center. The uploader of the video claims that the bombshell video was “accidentally left private” on YouTube for almost two decades.

The nine-minute-long video was made public recently and shows events most Americans have seen numerous times – but this video presents these events from a new, and strikingly clear, angle.

The nearly nine minute video was filmed by Kevin Westley as he stood on a boat, surrounded by a crowd of stunned eye-witnesses, according to National World.

The footage initially focuses on the flames engulfing the North Tower, but then shifts just in time to catch the second plane as it makes its direct approach towards the South Tower.

“I posted this video in the 2000’s but accidently [sic] left it private for until now… I noticed the video was private and made it public,” said Westley, who made the video public on YouTube in February 2022. 


While the emergence of the footage is noteworthy in its own right, critics argue that the circumstances surrounding its 20-year absence from public view raise serious questions.

What is the real story here?

Comments on the internet reveal there is a lot of suspicion regarding the sudden appearance of the video. Some viewers find Westely’s version of events difficult to believe.

One viewer wrote, “YouTube was founded in 2005 and didn’t really take off until the end of that year. That’s at least 4 years where the “I accidentally left it private” explanation doesn’t hold water. In 2001, most of us could barely watch videos on our dial-up internet, much less upload them. We were all glued to our analog NTSC cathode ray tube TVs watching news networks that would have paid good money for this footage. What’s the real story here?”

Another viewer said, “The video was posted a year ago. If he really posted it many years ago, all he would have to do is change the setting from private to public, and the upload date would not change. So his story makes no sense.”

A GWP investigation found that Westley’s account was created back on Dec 31, 2006, according to his YouTube account. “I posted this video in the 2000’s, Westely wrote in his caption.

The year “2000,” refers specifically to the year 2000, which is a single calendar year. While the term 2000’s refers to the entire decade that spans from January 1, 2000, to December 31, 2009.

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