More Titanic expeditions are planned despite Titan submersible disaster, but U.S. government wants them to STOP – what are they hiding?

There is a fight taking place between RMS Titanic Inc., a Georgia-based company that owns the salvage rights to the sunken shipwreck, and the United States government, which does not want any more Titanic expeditions to take place.

Citing both a federal law and an international agreement that treats the shipwreck as a hallowed gravesite, Washington, D.C., wants RMS Titanic Inc. to back off and stay away from the site ever since the OceanGate Expeditions Titan submersible imploded.

For many years, RMS Titanic Inc. has been showcasing artifacts collected from the Titanic wreck site at the bottom of the North Atlantic. Everything from pieces of silverware to pieces of the Titanic's hull is included in the company's exhibits – but no longer.

What do you think: should the Titanic remain undisturbed from here on out?

According to reports, the U.S. government's order against RMS Titanic Inc. has nothing to do with the Titan tragedy, which occurred in June, killing five people – but is this really the truth?

It would seem as though something has changed ever since the Titan imploded, and suddenly the feds do not want anyone going back down there, including a company that holds the rights to not only go back down there but also to collect artifacts for exhibition.

The battle has reached the U.S. District Court in Norfolk, Va., which oversees salvage matters relating to the Titanic.

The U.S. government claims that federal law and a pact that was made with Great Britain to treat the sunken Titanic as a memorial overrule RMS Titanic Inc.'s planned endeavors.

"The U.S. argues that entering the Titanic's severed hull – or physically altering or disturbing the wreck – is regulated by federal law and its agreement with Britain," reported WCVB. "Among the government's concerns is the possible disturbance of artifacts and any human remains that may still exist."

In recently filed court documents, U.S. lawyers argued that RMS Titanic Inc. is "not free to disregard this validly enacted federal law, yet that is its stated intent," adding that to let the company proceed with its expeditions would render the Titanic "deprived of the protections Congress granted it."

The company's next-planned expedition is slated for May of 2024, during which it plans to take pictures of the entire wreck, including "inside the wreck where deterioration has opened chasms sufficient to permit a remotely operated vehicle to penetrate the hull without interfering with the current structure."

As long as an artifact is not still physically attached to the wreckage, RMS Titanic Inc. says it will carefully collect it.

"At this time, the company does not intend to cut into the wreck or detach any part of the wreck," the company indicated in a statement.

Despite promising to also "work collaboratively" with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to ensure the expedition goes smoothly and aligns with federal law and the international pact, RMS Titanic Inc. has reached a dead end with the U.S. government.

Why, do you think, is the U.S. government suddenly concerned to this extreme extent about any more private vessels trekking down to the Titanic? Is there disturbing evidence down there pertaining to the Titan that Big Brother does not want us to know about or see?

"The company will continue its work, respectfully preserving the memory and legacy of Titanic, her passengers and crew for the future generations," RMS Titanic Inc. said in a statement about its plans to continue with the mission regardless. 

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