Klaus Schwab Hails Arrival of ‘New World Order’ As WEF Seizes Control of Nations

Klaus Schwab emerged from the shadows this week and appeared at the Association of South East Asian Nations summit in Indonesia, taking the opportunity to issue a chilling threat against humanity.

While lecturing the heads of state and world leaders about their responsibilities in his globalist world order, Schwab declared the time has come for nations to grant the WEF ‘full governmental control’ over their nations as part of the Great Reset agenda for humanity.

According to Schwab, the cabal’s plans for a so-called New World Order are so far advanced there is nothing that ordinary people like you and me can do to stop them. But what Schwab doesn’t realize is that there is a fatal flaw in his globalist agenda that we can use to destroy his plans.

Klaus Schwab has a history of making shocking comments at the annual ASEAN meeting and he continued that trend at the recent meeting held in Indonesia last week.

At this point it is worth asking why an unelected leader of the World Economic Forum, a totalitarian fiefdom located deep in the Swiss mountains, is dictating policy to democratically elected officials.

As Australian politician Craig Kelly tweeted: “Why is Klaus holding court at the current ASEAN summit in Indonesia?

Kelly’s next question – “Why is Klaus advocating for a merger of state and corporate power?” – is even more important.

It’s important to understand what Schwab means when he says shareholder and stakeholder capitalism. Shareholders are people like you and me, ordinary people, who used to take for granted that our governments were on our side. Stakeholders, on the other hand, are giant multinational corporations like the mainstream media and Big Pharma companies that collaborated with the global elite during the recent Covid pandemic.

Schwab boasted that under his system, corporate elites will craft policies for sovereign countries to ensure that innovation becomes the “key competitive factor.”

He continued by claiming that, with the fusion of the WEF and state, we would see a shift from “the era of capitalism to the era of talentism.”

According to Schwab, governments must embrace the WEF’s agenda if they want to survive in the dystopian future unfolding before our very eyes.

And as for individuals, they must embrace the WEF’s agenda or they will be rejected from society, refused a place among the lucky few to survive the great depopulation, and exterminated along with all of the other refuseniks.

The scariest part of all of this is they are not even trying to hide their plans anymore.

George Orwell, in his book “1984”, wrote: “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

How right he was. The mainstream media in 2023 are demanding that we reject the evidence of our eyes and ears and submit to the authority of the global elite – because only they can solve the problems of the world.

But despite what the mainstream media are saying, the World Economic Forum are not trying to fix anything. They are trying to break everything and leave it broken. These psychopaths are trying to break you. You might want to start paying closer attention.

The global elite are waging war on our children, sexualizing them at ever younger ages, and gaslighting humanity by claiming that 8 million missing children every year is totally normal and nothing to be concerned about.

They are also waging war on our children in their schools, filling libraries full of pornography and grown men in women’s lingerie, while intentionally dumbing down the masses for decades. The Common Core curriculum, the brainchild of Bill Gates and Barack Obama, is the perfect example.

Fourteen years after the Obama administration began forcing schools around the country to adopt Common Core, students are now recording results lower than previously thought possible, with staggering declines in average math and reading scores.

The cabal have the masses where they want them – cowering in the corner, confused and demoralized. It’s no surprise that Klaus Schwab’s right hand man, Yuval Noah Harari, recently declared that the WEF considers the vast majority of the human population to be obsolete, useless and redundant.

According to Harari, so-called “common people” are right to be fearful of a future in which they will be made “redundant”.

The WEF advisor assessed the widespread anxiety among “common people” as being rooted in a fear of being “left behind” in a future run by “smart people.”

Such fears are justified, according to Harari, who spoke on behalf of the elites and confirmed “We just don’t need the vast majority of you.”

Harari was just saying what Davos elites have been whispering about for decades. The world population must be reduced by 94%, according to the globalists. This is a core tenet of their Satanic beliefs and they have become laser-focused in spreading the word about their evil plans.

The madness and messiah complexes run deep in globalist circles.

Bill Gates has a long history of playing god. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned us years ago about this trait in Gates’ psychopathic psychology.

According to Kennedy Jr, the World Health Organization is “conducting global social and medical experimentation” in accordance with the vision of their mega-donor Bill Gates and his “religious faith that he can use technology (vaccines and GMO agriculture) to make him the savior to all of humanity.”

Gates’ strategy of buying WHO [World Health Organization] and purchasing control of US health officials like Tony Fauci & Deborah Birx” means the Microsoft co-founder can now “dictate global health policies affecting 7 billion people and to control the most intimate details of our lives,” said Kennedy Jr. on his Instagram page.

And Gates, Schwab, and Harari is not the only ones.

WEF Agenda Contributor and long-time globalist scourge George Soros also claims he is a god and “the creator of everything.” However the billionaire financier also warns he is a “self-centred” god who believes “normal rules do not apply” to him.

I fancied myself as some kind of god …” Soros wrote in his book Soros on Soros.If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble.

When asked by Britain’s Independent newspaper to elaborate on that statement, Soros doubled down: “It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.

Dangerous psychopaths have taken over the asylum. It’s our job to take back control before it’s too late.


(Article by Baxter Dmitry republished from ThePeoplesVoice.tv/ )

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