FBI Chief Warns Satanic Pedophiles Are Working To Depopulate Earth

FBI Directors in recent times have been establishment figures who go to great lengths to protect the elite and suppress the truth. Think about James Comey, who twisted himself in knots to protect Hillary Clinton from prosecution, and Robert Mueller and his “Russian collusion” witch hunt.

So it probably comes as a great surprise to learn that FBI chiefs weren’t always Deep State goons.

What if I told you there was an FBI chief who, before his death in 2011, blew the whistle on Satanism in the CIA and FBI, and elite pedophile rings, including pedophiles in Congress, and who took his message directly to the people across America – before he was tragically cut down before he could finish his work?

Meet Ted L. Gunderson who joined the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover in December 1951.

In short, Gunderson had been around the block.

After his decorated career with the bureau, Gunderson retired and began giving presentations across the country, speaking directly to the people. This is when things became really interesting and the elite became desperate to silence him.

Gunderson wasn’t wrong. And some things don’t change. World leaders are still shamelessly advertising their allegiance to Satan.

And they are still being selected by the global elite, not elected by the people. Gunderson warned us many years ago about the perils of electronic voting machines. Unfortunately, not enough people listened to him while he was alive and now we have to deal with the consequences of blatantly rigged elections.

Blowing the whistle on the globalist elite is a dangerous business, and Gunderson understood the risks he was taking.

Gunderson bought himself some time to finish his important work and prepared a Senate report exposing the crimes of the globalist elite and their Deep State henchmen.

Before his death, Gunderson gave away DVDs for free and asked his audience to copy his research and distribute it to as many people as possible. Education was Gunderson’s plan for defeating Satanism, pedophilia, and global fascist tyranny.

Nothing has changed. Education is still the key to waking up the masses to the truth about the evil forces who have taken control of the world today.


(Article by Niamh Harris republished from ThePeoplesVoice.tv)

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