Elon Musk grieves over the loss of his son to the ‘trans’ agenda

Father James Altman and Liz Yore once again join John-Henry Westen on this week's episode of Faith & Reason.

Father James Altman and Liz Yore once again join John-Henry Westen on this week’s episode of Faith & Reason in which they discuss former President Donald Trump’s call for noncompliance with any new COVID mandates, the latest in gender insanity, and Tucker Carlson’s interview alleging former President Barack Obama was an active homosexual and a cocaine addict.

Late last month, Trump released a video on X, formerly Twitter, saying that Americans should not comply with any new COVID mandates, such as lockdowns and mask/vaccine mandates. “These are bad people,” Trump said. “These are sick people we’re dealing with. But to every COVID tyrant who wants to take away our freedom, hear these words: We will not comply, so don’t even think about it.” He also said that COVID was being brought back in an attempt to rig next year’s presidential election.

“I think we’re going to see more and more messages from people in the political sphere,” Yore predicted, commending Trump for his comments and asserting that he did a good thing to try to “shore up the base” to “reaffirm” what “all of us … recognized happened during the COVID lockdowns.” She also maintained that more doctors will come out against the jabs and the use of masks.

“This time, there’s a huge group of Americans, and I think citizens around the world, who are not buying the fear tactics,” she continued.

Father Altman, addressing fears that people should not trust Trump since the COVID lockdowns took place under his watch, asserted that Trump followed his advisers during COVID and faced political pressure from both parties, and that “he’s the … only politician who will come straight up and just say how wrong it was, what they did, and the hoax they pulled on America.”

The group also addressed the sparring between Trump and Florida governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis over COVID policy.

Yore opined that while DeSantis is generally recognized as a good governor and handled COVID well, there is a “general consensus among Republican voters that we need a tough guy … to return our country back to sanity, to return the world back to peace and sanity, and that person is Donald Trump.” She also pointed to the “lawfare” that the left is waging against Trump, and more people will see that Trump is a threat to a “world order” that is creating a “tyrannical global world.”

Altman, reacting to Yore, said that DeSantis is “just too nice of a guy” and that he lacks the “leadership quality that everybody knows we now need, because everybody knows it’s now time of ‘enough is enough.’” “Unfortunately for DeSantis, he lacks that capacity to say, ‘This is it. This is where we’re going. This is how we’re gonna do it, and we’re gonna get it done,’” he continued.

Also, late last month, a short documentary was put out by the Independent Women’s Forum about Kim Russell, formerly head lacrosse coach at Oberlin College. It covered the severe pushback she received from the college’s administration and from most of the lacrosse team for defending women’s sports.

“It becomes hideous,” she continued. “It becomes brutal, hateful.” She also predicted that parents will stop enrolling their daughters at such institutions when they begin to see their daughters lose their scholarships and get physically injured by gender-confused men on women’s athletic teams, and that gender ideology is “at the heart” of Marxism as it “destroys family, it destroys culture, and it destroys the … importance of men and women in their biological, God-given state.”

The two also touched upon Elon Musk’s comments to biographer Walter Isaacson in which he partly blames the liberal California school he sent son Xavier to for his gender confusion. He lamented not only that his son is gender-confused but that he now identifies as a communist who thinks that rich people are evil.

Yore suggested that Catholics should say a novena or litany in honor of St. Francis Xavier for Musk and his child so that both are “healed” along with their relationship, and that the “painful tragedy in Elon Musk’s life will bring him to a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

“I think it’s important for Catholics to … listen to this message from … Elon Musk … to see what I think is underlying this gender ideology is communism, and also to pay attention to those that are coming around, being awakened to this diabolical ideology that is grappling the … entire world,” she maintained.

Father Altman said that what happened to Musk is a reminder that even “legends” are men with hearts in need of love, a love that expresses itself in relationships. He also suggested that Musk offer up his sufferings to Christ to let good come out of it.

On Wednesday, Tucker Carlson interviewed Larry Sinclair for his program on X. During the interview, Sinclair claimed that he had sexual relations with former President Obama more than once, also did cocaine with him, and asserted that he was not the first man Obama had sexual relations with.

Father Altman reacted to Sinclair’s allegations by saying they “should not come as a surprise to anybody.”

“This is who [Obama] is,” he alleged. “And this is now being the chosen person to take over the principal office of the United States and wreak havoc on faith and family.” He also expressed gratitude that Carlson was no longer at Fox News, as he has the “freedom to now tell us the truth, unadulterated, uncircumscribed by the powers that be that run the media in our country.”

Yore agreed with Altman, asserting that the mainstream media was protecting Obama from any such allegation. She also expressed worry about current President Joe Biden’s control over his own administration, saying “the other troubling thing to me is … the rumors behind the scene is obviously Joe Biden is not functioning as the president, and the rumors are that Barack Obama’s pulling the strings in this administration.”

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