Can You Spot The Difference?

McDonald's advertising efforts portray its promotion of family values in Japan, whereas, in the West, it subverts society with 'woke' propaganda. 

X account End Wokeness first pointed out McDonald's advertisements in a post titled "McDonald's Japan vs McDonald's USA. Try and spot the difference" on Thursday. The cholesterol-laden fast-food chain appears to embrace sanity in Japan while promoting woke insanity in the US. 

Let's begin with the Japanese ad. McDonald's understands Japan doesn't tolerate mental illness and instead embraces family traditions. After all, Japan is in the middle of a demographic winter. 

In the West, McDonald's has seized the opportunity to boost its Diversity and Inclusive Index score to the moon by out-woking all other burger joints with this ridiculous ad, "Black trans women have a very simple message: stop killing us." This is DEI at work and a small minority imposing their ideals and beliefs on the vast majority. Very few in the majority want to hear about what this morbidly obese black trans woman says while chowing down on a cholesterol-laden burger. 

Hundreds of X users reacted to End Wokeness' post, with many expressing disbelief at the stark contrast in advertising between countries.

We must point out the black trans ad debuted in 2020, and since then, McDonald's has scrubbed its website of the now-controversial acronym ESG, which represents environmental, social, and corporate governance principles. 

If consumers don't like McDonald's woke propaganda, maybe it's time to ditch the pink slime for healthier options, such as buying food from local farms and small businesses. 

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