Big Pharma Scientist Testifies That mRNA Jabs Are Contaminated With DNA

A Big Pharma scientist has testified that Covid-19 mRNA jabs are contaminated with alarming levels of DNA that are deadly to humans.

On September 14, 2023, Dr. Phillip Buckhaults testified before the South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs Ad-Hoc Committee. He urged lawmakers to investigate evidence that mRNA vaccines are being deliberately contaminated with DNA as part of a depopulation plan for humanity. reports: Dr. Buckhaults proposed that further investigation and genetic analysis of vaccinated individuals, specifically examining stem cells, should occur to identify any potential genetic modifications. Integrating plasmid DNA into the genomes of stem cells can leave lasting effects such as cancer and autoimmune diseases, raising concerns about the long-term impact of the vaccine.

With regard to booster shots, Dr. Buckhaults expressed his hesitation to receive them until he can ensure they do not contain DNA plasmids. This cautious approach underscores the need for careful evaluation and verification of the CDC-recommended booster shots.

Dr. Buckhaults’ testimony garnered the interest of renowned doctors like Dr. Wafik S. El-Deiry, who raised his personal concerns regarding the experimental vaccines.


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