“A Dead Man Walking” – Russia State TV Host Accuses Tucker Carlson of Signing His Own Death Warrant (Video)

Russian State TV host Vladimir Solovyov this week warned viewers that Tucker Carlson will be assassinated for discussing the DC elites’ plans to wage war on Russia by next year.

Earlier this week Tucker Carlson warned YouTube host Adam Carola that the Washington DC elites will launch a hot war against Russia by next year.

Solovyov theatrically asked, “Who says that? A dead man walking! He sincerely believes that the next step after the accusations and the declaration of impeachment will be an assassination of Trump. But this man, who is currently the most popular English-speaking journalist, signed his own death warrant!”

The Daily Beast added:

Solovyov explained the main reason for Tucker’s potential troubles: “They will not forgive him for the fact that he strives to interview our president and post the footage on a platform that has no censorship!” For years, head of RT Margarita Simonyan had promoted the idea of granting Carlson’s long-standing wish to interview Putin. Last Sunday, she again reiterated her plea, describing the fired Fox News host as “the most popular host in the history of the United States” and hoping out loud that someone from the Presidential Administration will hear her message.

Earlier Thursday morning, Solovyov interviewed Dimitri Simes, the former president and CEO of The Center for the National Interest, a Washington foreign policy think tank that was mentioned in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. Simes told Solovyov that he was previously involved in attempting to help Carlson set up the coveted interview. In one of his recent radio broadcasts, Solovyov mentioned that even actor Steven Seagal was pushing for Carlson to finally get this long-awaited opportunity.

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