Woman Who Escaped Communist China Under Mao Reacts to Trump Arrest – Sounds Alarm About ‘Cultural Revolution’ In America (VIDEO)

Xi Van Fleet escaped from communist China, but not before witnessing the horrors of life under Mao Zedong, who was responsible for the deaths of millions of people, mostly by starvation.

When she looks at what the left is doing to Trump, she has a warning for America. She says this is just what China’s ‘Cultural Revolution’ looked like.

She accuses the left of being Marxists and says that no one is safe because they will eventually come for everyone.

Real Clear Politics provides a partial transcript:

XI VAN FLEET: I lived through the most brutal communist regime in China and I witnessed a lot, and now I recount one of the darkest moments I witnessed is the day when the former president of the United States was indicted and mugshot in Georgia prison. I have to say I think America is quickly becoming a communist country and our rule of law has been turned into what Marxists call proletarian dictatorship. The party in power is after its political opposition and it is not just the president, but people like activists are now in jail, as political prisoners in the free country of the United States.

Forget about Donald Trump, what is happening in America is that the party in power is abusing their power and going after any opposition, Now it is Donald Trump and MAGA, but eventually, it is everybody because a communist regime does not tolerate any opposition, any dissenting voice. So they are coming after all of us, including those who are cheering now for Trump’s indictment and think they are on the winning team. They are not. We all will become victims if we let them succeed.

I really have a word for everybody, including the conservatives: learn a little bit about history and about the Cultural Revolution. What’s happening here is a repeat.

Watch the video below:

The left doesn’t see what they are doing as dangerous, despite the warnings of history.

And Ms. Van Fleet is right. This is a repeat.

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