WEF Signs Order Cancelling US Election: Americans Must Be Ruled By Global Elite For Their Own Good

There will be no US elections in the future according to Klaus Schwab and his WEF cronies who have ordered the Deep State traitors working at the heart of government to pull the plug on the 2024 election.

The globalists have overstepped the mark repeatedly in recent years and their policies have become so repugnant to normal people that they have given up even pretending to try and win a free and fair election.

What does this mean? While there will be a vote, your vote will not count because, as far as the globalists are concerned, the president will be selected, not elected.

The globalist elite are not interested in democracy. They are not interested in the will of the people. What they are interested in is communism and that means power consolidation at the most central of all levels.

Notorious WEF “Agenda Contributor” Adam Grant, who also serves as senior adviser to Bill Gates, let the cat out of the bag this week, insisting that “eliminating elections altogether” will ensure the US government and agencies have “more integrity.”

The comments from Grant, who is also a senior adviser to the Department of Defense and Google, come as Democrat President Joe Biden is engaging in election interference, unprecedented in the history of the US republic, attempting to have his political rival imprisoned by the time the voting begins on November 5, 2024.

In an article for the New York Times, Grant admits that the globalist elite are losing the propaganda war and suggests that the public cannot be trusted to vote. Accordingly, Grant argues that elections should be scrapped and Americans should be ruled by the global elite for their own good.

Per the article:

Officials have been working hard to safeguard elections and assure citizens of their integrity. But if we want public office to have integrity, we might be better off eliminating elections altogether. [emphasis added]

If you think that sounds anti-democratic, think again. The ancient Greeks invented democracy, and in Athens many government officials were selected through sortition — a random lottery from a pool of candidates.

In the United States, we already use a version of a lottery to select jurors. What if we did the same with mayors, governors, legislators, justices and even presidents?

To replace the current election system, the WEF is advocating for “randomly selecting” officials from a “pool of candidates.”

But there is just one catch.

The pool of candidates will be selected by what Grant calls “guardians of the democracy”, which the fine print admits are the globalist elite in Davos.

Let’s face it, the elite are now running scared and are desperate to silence the outraged voices of the people who are demanding justice for their crimes against humanity.

Only 12 million people bothered tuning into the GOP presidential candidates debate on Wednesday night. In contrast, more than 200 million people watched Trump’s debate night interview with Tucker Carlson on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Make no mistake, the tide has turned, we are living in an historical moment, and the establishment elite are terrified of the people.

During the WEF’s annual gathering in 2017, Schwab admitted to far-left Obama-loving Google boss Sergey Brin that in his vision of the future, there will be no US elections.

According to Schwab, his plan means American society will be ruled from the outside, without the need for elections of any kind.

These aren’t profound questions. These are evil plans designed to destroy the US republic.

And they have plenty of supporters here in America too.

But propagandizing the American people isn’t enough for the far-left globalists in the Deep State. They are also involved in shamelessly rigging elections.

Do you remember the time Hillary Clinton introduced her friend George Soros and his interest in getting involved in US elections?

That’s right, not US politics, but US elections.

The Democrats and their masters the globalist elites don’t want you to see this video. They wiped it from the face of the earth for years.

Luckily it was saved by a patriot who understood that one day it would be very important to expose the globalist’s game plan and redpill the masses:

Damning stuff. But it gets even worse. Obama is up to his neck in this as well, and he is even more shameless than Hillary when it comes to justifying cheating.

The globalist elite have become arrogant in recent years but it is working against them. More and more people are waking up to the truth about their agenda. It is our duty to expose their crimes and we have had enormous success in recent times.

While the far-left and mainstream media continue claiming there is no issue with voter fraud in the US, and election results keep getting stranger and stranger, it’s worth taking a look at what Obama said in 2008, before he was president.

In the resurfaced video, Obama was seeking to ease concerns about a potential Republican landslide victory in 2009 by telling a crowd of Democrat voters in Ohio that they needn’t worry because – wait for it – Democrats control the election voting machines.

But the stunning footage doesn’t stop there. The then-Illinois U.S. senator continued by claiming that Republicans “have monkeyed around with elections in the past” before admitting that “sometimes Democrats have too.”

Which is very strange, because the far-left and mainstream media in 2022 claim there is no such thing as voter fraud and anyone who dares to suggest otherwise is an “election denier.”

You know what they say about the devil? The greatest trick he ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.

Is convincing the nation that voter fraud does not exist the greatest trick ever pulled by the far-left?

(Article by Baxter Dmitry republished from ThePeoplesVoice.tv)

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