Watch: MSNBC Talking Head Delights At Thought Of Trump In A "Really Dirty, Dangerous, Scary" Jail

 Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

An MSNBC talking head daydreamed about Donald Trump visiting a dirty, scary and dangerous jail, delighting in the idea that Trump could be “really freaked out” by it.

Host Alicia Menendez asked guest Jill Wine-Banks how the process of Trump visiting Fulton County jail in Georgia will be different from the previous indictments he has faced.

The talking head shot back “It’s going to be very different because they have said that they are going to do mug shots and fingerprints. And he will be turning himself in at the Fulton County Jail, not in a federal building, not in a clean, nice environment.”

She continued,”It is, from what we hear from the press, a really dirty, dangerous, scary place.”

“So it’s going to be a very different picture. And I think the picture of him there, I think his experience of being in a real jail – I can tell you that some of the Watergate defendants, when they were put in the D.C. jail, really freaked out. And we had to move them to a Army base where they could be housed without being in fear at all times so that they could cooperate and testify,” Wine Banks added.


Similarly, former Watergate figure John Dean, told CNN Friday that the jail is “a hellhole” and that just “a whiff of that place” could make it more likely that Trump’s co-defendants will consider making deals.

They are absolutely loving watching Trump have to deal with the endless efforts to bring him down.

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