Watch: Bill Maher Says Democrats Are 'Full Of Shit' When It Comes To Illegal Immigrants

Bill Maher may be a little slow on the uptake when it comes to his willingness to call out disastrous Democrat policies and irrational leftist arguments, but at least he's not afraid to go against the grain when the epiphanies strike. 

Conservatives and some moderates have been pointing out the Democrat insanity on illegal immigration for some time now, specifically the indignant rage leftists express over red states bussing migrants to major Democrat "sanctuary cities." 

As Bill Maher notes, these city governments often pontificate on the virtues of the "American melting pot" until they are faced with housing and feeding thousands of migrants that pack the streets and the parks. Democrats support illegal immigration as long as they never have to deal with those migrants on their doorstep.  A humanitarian crisis is forming in New York, DC, Chicago, etc. and it is entirely caused by the political left's unwillingness to admit that they were wrong. 

When one realizes that most illegals are only in this country with the intent to collect on as many entitlement handouts as possible, the delusion of the hard working migrant seeking out the American dream quickly fades and reality sets in.  


Keep in mind that the Democrats are still trying to form an "investigation" into Ron DeSantis and his move to bus a handful of migrants to the ritzy progressive vacation town of Martha's Vineyard. 

While Dems focus intently on what they call "human trafficking" on the part of the Florida government, they seem to be oblivious to their own hypocrisy - They fed those same migrants a cheap lunch for the media cameras and then kicked them out of town within 24 hours to a nearby military base. 

The leftist ideal of the "melting pot" is a fraud. 

They don't want to take care of the migrants either, they just want those sweet illegal votes in states where ID is not required. 

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