VAXXED SWINE: How many Americans have been eating toxic spike protein particles for the past 5 years every time they consume pork and bacon? (op-ed)

If it's true that you "are what you eat," then millions of Americans are walking, talking, ticking health time bombs full of toxic virus-mimicking prions that were injected into the pigs they've been eating since 2018. Without telling consumers across America, certain state governments and Big "Farma" have been injecting pigs with mRNA "technology" for more than 5 years. In other words, swine have been "vaccinated" with the very same foreign proteins that more than 50 million Americans are avoiding like the plague (or at least thought they were).

Now, Big Farma is moving to inject beef and dairy cattle with mRNA cell-mutating technology, and many small-to-midsized cow farmers are bucking the "system." Who wants to eat tainted meat? Who knows if they are right now, or have been for the past 5 years? There's a good reason the FDA is not regulating this, and that's because the FDA played a key role in the Covid-19 plandemic – fraud and manipulation of the public's perception.

Eat that spike-protein laced, mRNA-injected pork and beef, and you might develop Turbo-Cancer real soon

The rapid progression of T-cell lymphoma, also called "turbo cancer," has been well-documented where spike proteins from mRNA jabs served as a carcinogen catapult, feeding existing cancer cells, and propelling them to multiply exponentially and invade weakened tissue in the body.

So-called mRNA technology literally turns OFF genes that fight cancer, so by injecting cattle and swine with these shots, their meat is littered with billions of spike prions that humans are consuming regularly, even people who chose NOT to get vaccinated for Covid. Get it? It's forced-vaccination for the populace, without consent, including the "fully unvaccinated" masses who eat pig and cow that Big Farma is shooting up with prions. Will you get Mad Cow Disease, or MSD – Mad Swine Disease?

When will the first cases of MAD SWINE DISEASE be identified for humans?

Prions cause diseases and disorders of the brain and nervous system, not just the heart, as we're seeing with the myocarditis cases skyrocketing across the world since the mRNA mass-jab rollout for Covid. Prions in the brain cause symptoms that rapidly worsen. Got seizures?

Prion diseases occur when prion proteins found throughout the body, like the spike proteins from mRNA shots, begin morphing into abnormal shapes and gathering in clusters. This destroys brain cells while creating sponge-like holes in brain tissue, leading to rapid decline of cognition, reasoning, and critical thinking skills. Victims also often experience involuntary muscle movements, confusion, difficulty walking, and mood changes. Sounds like almost every single human who's been injected for Covid-19. Maybe it also applies to those eating spiked swine and "Covid cow."

Will doctors, scientists, the CDC, and WHO declare a "Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease" pandemic due to the spike proteins in people's blood, digestive system, cleansing organs, and brain? Is it CJD or Spike Protein Syndrome? Who's to really say, besides maybe some coroners and embalmers that witness the carnage. Remember, prion diseases DO SPREAD between humans and animals. Are you at a high risk factor because you got the Covid mRNA jabs AND you eat spike swine and Covid cow regularly?

Researchers believe an unusual "slow virus" causes prion disease of the brain. Is this still rare, or common, but just not revealed to the masses quite yet? Only time -- and thousands of autopsies -- will tell. Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on Long-Vax-Syndrome that's sweeping the nation and the world as you read this. 

(Article by S.D. Wells republished from )

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