Trump says either “the deep state destroys America, or we destroy the deep state”

Donald Trump has penned a scathing op-ed highlighting all of the crimes his opponents are claiming he committed that he says he never actually committed.

Most of Trump's op-ed deals with the allegation that he colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. Also known as Russiagate, the allegations are false, Trump says, despite relentless attempts from his opponents to dub him a criminal.

Trump made mention of his many promises while on the campaign trail in 2016, including his rhetoric about ending mass illegal immigration and globalist trade deals to restoring U.S. sovereignty in the face of threats from communist China.

Trump also famously promised to "stand up to the permanent bureaucracy and the corporate media," which he definitely paid a lot of lip service to while padding his cabinet with many establishment politicians who qualify as the "swamp" he also promised to drain.

If you are interested, the following video contains audio of Trump explaining to "Real America's Voice" how he feels Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis needs to drop out of the 2024 presidential race because his campaign is in shambles:

Trump says the real victims of the witch hunt against him are the American people

One promise Trump did keep while president was putting an end to the "neocon addiction to endless foreign wars," at least insomuch as Trump did not start any new wars while president – the first president since Jimmy Carter, in fact, to embrace peace during his presidency.

"For nearly three years, they carried out a massive disinformation campaign and lawless persecution based on the monstrous lie that I was a traitor to my country," Trump says about the deep state, noting that "an unelected cabal" involving two-time failed presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton worked with the media to stir up these allegations against him.

Trump pointed to the $1 million offered for the fake "Steele Dossier" as evidence that there was an ongoing witch hunt against him that is still going on to this very day. Trump also highlighted the fact that a former FBI lawyer recently admitted to creating this false evidence in order to justify government spying on Trump and his campaign.

This "sickness was driven from the very top," Trump says, as FBI Director James Comey continually pushed agents to surveil and enact warrants against Trump. Barack Hussein Obama and fake president Joe Biden are also complicit in joining Clinton's plans to "vilify" Trump by pushing the Russiagate conspiracy theory.

"They knew the truth, yet they put our country through hell," Trump says about these swamp creatures.

Trump maintains that he and his family, despite all that they have gone through, are not the ultimate victims in all this. Instead, it is the American people who are "the real victims," according to Trump, as this "hoax," as he calls it, undermined the republic while threatening national security.

"At a critical moment when we should have been reducing tensions with Russia, the Russia Hoax stoked mass hysteria that helped drive Russia straight into the arms of China," Trump maintains about the current foreign state of affairs.

"Instead of having a better relationship with Russia as I worked to build, we now have a proxy war with Russia, fueled in part by the lingering fumes of Russiagate delirium. Ukraine has been utterly devastated. Untold numbers of people have been killed. And we could very well end up in World War III." 

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