"The More You Indict, The More We Unite!" - Black Social Media Erupts For Trump

For years, American leftists have yearned for the day they'd see a police mug shot of former President Donald Trump, confident it would decisively terminate his political career. 

Thanks to an indictment in Georgia that was clearly conceived and timed for maximum political damage, their wish was granted last week.

However, the spectacle has unfolded in a way that's surely causing a growing sense of horror among Trump's foes: Not only has his booking at one of Atlanta's nastiest jails galvanized typical Trump supporters, it's triggered a surge in support from inside an essential Democratic constituency -- black people. 

Considering how Democrats take black support for granted and routinely label Trump a racist and white supremacist, imagine the utter consternation they're feeling as they witness a social media eruption of black sympathy for Trump over an arrest that, for many blacks, parallels the mistreatment they perceive blacks have received in the American criminal justice system. 

The first sign of trouble came when people calling themselves "Blacks for Trump" and "Niggas for Trump" posted themselves near the infamous Fulton County Jail on Atlanta's Rice Street. 

Then we saw blacks lining the street to cheer on the former president's motorcade and shouting "Free Trump!" 

The on-scene displays in Georgia were just a precursor to a social media wave of black Trump 2024 enthusiasm that's still rolling. "Trump is a brother now...I'm sorry, you go to jail in Zone 6 Atlanta, you a brotha," says this man. "Straight up. They f**ked up. Niggas like niggas that went to jail. They believe in that sh*t. We trust that." 

"Every real nigga got to go to jail at least one time," says this man, who also warns that Democrats have "f**ked up" and will now face vengeance from a future President Trump. "You think he aint gonna spin the block?" 

Like many Americans of all colors, some of this man's motivation to vote for Trump springs from his entertainment value: 

"If you can't openly see that this is an attempt to make someone have to spend a bunch of money and fight cases while they run for presidency...you're just not being an objective human," says @mark_in_georgia: 

"Man, they deep-in-the-hood GANGSTAS hollering bout Trump 2024!" notes this enthusiastic black Trumper. 

In this set of man-in-the-street interviews, black men say Trump was better for their wallets. "Trump wanted us to get off our ass and get some money," says one man. "He put America first," says another:

This emotive gent in a convenience store hits a recurring theme: Anger about "bitch ass nigga" Biden relentlessly funneling billions of dollars into the Ukraine war as conditions in American cities deteriorate. 

The genre is dominated by men, but here's an exception: a woman who longs for the days of Trump's Covid-era money handouts, specifically name-checking the "PPP boys" -- a reference to the much-abused Paycheck Protection Program.  

Clutch Williams highlights Democrat hypocrisy, saying, "These other presidents be sayin' good stuff to you, but doing bad stuff to you. Trump might be sayin some bad stuff, but he was doing some good stuff. Check the record!" 

....and this man says many in his audience voted against Trump but have had a change of heart. "At some point, many of y'all have changed your mind and you now support Trump but you doin' it on the sneak. Come on, y'all, let's own up to it so we can all support his man together." 

None of this is to say Trump will win the votes of a majority of blacks...but all it takes is a dent for the unintended consequences of Democrats' political prosecutions to turn the booking of Donald Trump from Democrat dream to Democrat nightmare.

(Article by Tyler Durden republished from ZeroHedge.com)

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