The Horrors Of Ukraine And Maui Made Possible By Government Incompetence

While the war in Ukraine has nothing to do with the inferno that swept across the island of Maui, the two events share something in common — i.e., the actions (or inaction) of the relevant government authorities in each case made the carnage possible. This piece is divided into two parts — Part I is a podcast I participated in that was hosted by DD (formerly Donbas Devushka), Part II are incredible emails I received today from people in Hawaii who have read my latest piece on the Hawaiian government complicity in the deaths and the feeble attempt to cover up their culpability.

Here are two portions of the podcast with DD Geopolitics — I discuss U.S. military capabilities and de-industrialization :

Then there is Maui. I will let the authors of the emails speak for themselves. The surviving Hawaiians are angry and are demanding accountability:

John Doe #1:

Comments: I live on Maui. We know our officials are lying.

Witnesses and the media have confirmed the County Emergency Manager INTENTIONALLY did not sound the disaster warning sirens in Lahaina. Likewise, MPD INTENTIONALLY blocked the roads to keep people inside Lahaina town! People were ordered to “Shelter in place”

Body count is currently 111, but there are over 1,000 still missing.

Hawaii’s biggest crime scene is being white washed by politicians congratulating themselves on what a fine job they did maintaining control and civil order.

John Doe #2:

First, thanks for all the very good info and analysis you are providing – this is one of the first news sites I check each day.
I live on Maui and have nearly 20 years of working for State, Federal and Local governments. I’ve been a Public Works Director, have a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (so I am at least qualified to push a broom…) and 20 years of working as an investigator both in private and public sector. I currently work for the State of Hawaii as an investigator. I can tell you for a fact that the response here is nothing short of a circus. In the emergency management training I had (albeit many years ago) we were told there needs to be ONE person in charge and directing resources once an emergency is declared. Here, we didn’t see that – and I think the results show that. We are being told there are about 1,500 people missing but your source is saying 5,000. The loss of life is being soft-peddled ; “we expect that number to increase” is all we really hear but I will not be surprised if there are 500+. They’ve located 100 or so bodies so far with about 25-30% of the area searched (about 20 cadaver dogs onsite). There are a lot of conspiracy theories being floated – from DEW/Microwaves being used to set the fire, to Oprah and other wealthy people purposely setting the fire to make a land grab to the notion that this is all a set up for clearing out Maui so it can be rebuilt into an AI/15-minute city paradise. Having worked so long for the government I simply tell people that such plans may sound fine on paper, but the government is so incompetent that they could never come to fruition.
If you have the inclination, I think an article from you on how to evaluate information would be useful to many people.
Again, thank you so much for your efforts – your work is truly appreciated and absolutely vital in our current environment.

John Doe #3

Comments: Hi Larry,

I just read your article about Maui. You are spot-on. Here is some hear-say I’ve gotten (I live in Kihei/Wailea area). A good friend told me she saw a firefighter at Costco a couple of days after the fire. She mentioned that the death toll was just raised to 50-something. He told her that the firefighters had already used up 400 body bags, all that they had available. He said the death toll was way under-counted.

Last Saturday afternoon my wife and I went to the Humane Society (she volunteers there) and joined about 100 people prepping food bags, etc for displaced people with pets. I was working with a young guy loading trucks and during a break he told me he was a police officer stationed up in Haleakala and brought down to assist with finding bodies in the rubble of Lahaina. He told me that everywhere one stepped there were the charred remains of bodies, and in his opinion the death count was way low.

Unattributed comments, but it may help with you with fact-finding. Good luck. It’s a terrible thing that happened.

John Doe #4

Comments: Your article about the Lahaina fire is pretty accurate. I lived in Lahaina from 2003-2015. I traveled there regularly until 2019. I have many friends there, and am in contact with many of them. This disaster was 50+ years in the making. It was 100% preventable, but the corruption and ineptitude is so great, nothing was done. This is the result. The word needs to get out about why this happened, and the awful response of the county and state. I can provide more details to help you write more articles.
Please let me know if you would like more info.

John Doe #5

Comments: Hey Larry,

The Police are not only lying in Maui about everything, but the Maui Police are now arresting all witnesses to the fires. They are all DEEP STATE, and should be shot dead on sight.

Jane Doe #1

Comments: The numbers the Red Cross is giving out to folks missing family members via the news as if you were reaching Maui with Maui area codes are 808-244-0051 and 808-734-2101 either throw you back into the Q/ general information at the Red Cross / not contact information for Red Cross in Maui or they give you a number they recently disconnected!!!!!
I am horrified!
I worked for the Red Cross during 9/11 … we didn’t do things like this ever!
Now we need the Red Cross and this is what they are doing???
Our missing family family member is Paul XXXXX and we can’t locate him to send him money, clothing, Food and/ or Plane tickets to get him off the Island.
Our hands are tied… we are doing every we can and we are blocked.
It’s surreal/ like a third world country disaster!

The failure of the local and state government in Hawaii is profound and the surviving locals are seething with rage. I personally do not give much credence to the accusation that the fires on Lahaina were ignited by a Directed Energy Weapon. The combination of gale force winds and fragile power lines is the most likely cause for the massive blaze.

What we have here is a complete failure of the Emergency Response System. It was a failure to detect the severe nature of the threat. It was a failure to notify residents of the need to flee. It was a failure to call immediately for State and Federal resources to deal with the tragedy. I would note that my principal source on Maui is very laudatory of the work FEMA has done in searching the rubble and recovering remains. His assessment of the response of Hawaiian authorities is scathing and involves the use of many of the seven words you cannot say on television.

Regardless of how the fire started, the cause of the mass casualties was the incredibly stupid order to “shelter in place.” The person or persons responsible for that need to be charged criminally and put in jail. The last thing you should do in the face of any wild fire is stay in place. You run like hell is after you (because it is). Get out, if you can.

My source in Hawaii described scenes lifted from Dante’s Inferno. Entire families clustered in their home’s bathroom using the bathtub filled with water seeking refuge. All burned beyond recognition. Firefighters are vomiting when they uncover these horrific remains. The rescue workers involved in this grisly recovery task will likely be Post Traumatic Stress casualties themselves.

And Joe Biden thinks $700 bucks can dampen the fury among survivors while he sends billions to Ukraine. Think again.

(Article by Larry Johnson republished from

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