PBS NewsHour Rolls Out ‘Climate Psychology Therapist’ to Help Calm ‘Climate Anxiety’ (VIDEO)

Guest post by David Greyson

PBS just keeps getting weirder: They actually brought on a “climate psychologist” to help calm ‘climate anxiety.’

Whatever that is!

As if people don’t have enough responsibilities or burdens in life, enter our friends at PBS. Now they have another thing they want people to focus on: climate anxiety!

John Yang, who is an anchor at PBS NewsHour, interviewed a “climate psychology therapist.”

According to NewsBusters:

PBS producers ran soundbites of seven souls who claimed the fear of “climate change” had made them anxious about the future, including Mark Ikeda, who said: “Climate anxiety affects my daily life, by the decisions I make about when I want to go someplace or where I want to go or more [inaudible], how I want to travel.”

John Yang interviewed Leslie Davenport, who is a “climate psychology therapist.” She says,” We view distress, upset, sadness, grief, anger about climate change to be a really reasonable, even healthy reaction.” She referred to this field of psychology as “emerging.” One has to ask, is climate change even qualify as science?

“This summer, millions of Americans are experiencing firsthand the effects of climate change. Triple-digit temperatures for days on end, smoke from record-setting wildfires fouling the air, warming oceans, bleaching coral reefs, Opinion polls when growing concern about climate change. Psychologists say that can be a positive thing, spurring people to action. But for some people, it becomes an overwhelming sense of despair or anxiety. Psychologists call it climate anxiety. This week, we asked people about their emotional responses to climate change,” John Yang said.

“Well, from the emerging field of climate psychology, one thing that’s really important to understand is we view distress, upset, sadness, grief, anger about climate change to be a really reasonable, even healthy reaction. Because it’s built into us as people that if we feel risks, threats, experience losses, there’s going to be upset. So it’s really important to acknowledge that if you’re feeling that on any level of intensity, it really means you’re paying attention, you care, you’re empathetic to what’s happening to our world,” Davenport said.

Davenport went on to tell viewers to find ‘climate circles’ to express their feelings.

Junk scientist Al Gore spearheaded the modern climate hysteria.

Al Gore has made climate predictions in the past that did not come true.

“Noted climate activist and former Vice President Al Gore, who made headlines this week after he claimed global warming was “boiling the oceans,” has a history of making climate-related proclamations later proven to be false,” Fox News reported.

For example, Gore said during a speech at the Copenhagen Climate Conference in 2009 that there was “a 75% chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during some of the summer months, could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years.”

The former vice president made similar comments at least twice before in speeches, citing research.

These statements are just a sample of his apocalyptic view of our planet. Other claims have included rising temperatures, stronger storms, and rising sea levels.

One has to ask, science, or fiction?


Video and partial transcription courtesy of NewsBusters

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