Outrageous! Maui County Mayor Has No Idea How Many Children are Missing 11 Days After Lahaina Inferno (Video)

Maui Mayor Richard Bissen was peppered with questions during a visit to Lahaina this week. Bissen has no idea how many children are missing.

It’s been nearly two weeks since the inferno swept through the town on Tuesday August 8th. The mayor has NO IDEA how many kids are missing!

Via Jeremy Lee.

Jeremy Lee: How many children are missing?

Mayor Bissen: I don’t know.

Jeremy Lee: Yes you do. How many children are missing? You’re a disaster!

Mayor Bissen: I would be happy to answer that.

(more talking)

Mayor Bissen: Many children are missing. I guess we can…End this right now.

He has no idea how many are dead or missing.
What a disgrace.

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