Next phase of government thought crime tyranny: Mental health round-ups and INVOLUNTARY DETENTION

Remember during the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) "pandemic" when government officials and media talking-heads tried to frame skepticism about the disease's alleged severity as a "mental illness?" If the notion of disobeying the government's plandemic lies means that one's brain does not work correctly, then there could, and likely will, come a time when these resisters are rounded up and involuntarily detained for being a "threat" to society.

Take the current situation in New York City. Officials there have unleashed a new program that they claim is designed to get homeless people off the streets, but reading between the lines reveals a much more sinister plot to override the First and Fourth Amendments at will under the guise of protecting society.

In the Big Apple, a person can now be forcibly hospitalized for suspected mental illness if her or she carries "firmly held beliefs not congruent with cultural ideals;" exhibits a "willingness to engage in meaningful discussion;" has "excessive fears of specific stimuli;" or refuses "voluntary treatment recommendations."

When you combine all these criteria with the latest mass surveillance technologies, including artificial intelligence-driven (AI) biometrics and tracking programs, it becomes clear that the scope of this mental illness sweep is far greater than just drug-addicted street vagrants.

"While these programs are ostensibly aimed at getting the homeless off the streets, when combined with advances in mass surveillance technologies, artificial intelligence-powered programs that can track people by their biometrics and behavior, mental health sensor data (tracked by wearable data and monitored by government agencies such as HARPA), threat assessments, behavioral sensing warnings, precrime initiatives, red flag gun laws, and mental health first-aid programs aimed at training gatekeepers to identify who might pose a threat to public safety, they could well signal a tipping point in the government's efforts to penalize those engaging in so-called 'thought crimes,'" warn John and Nisha Whitehead, writing for The Rutherford Institute.

Welcome to the American gulag

Already, federal officials are working on how to add "identifiable patient data," including mental health, substance use, and behavioral information from group homes, shelters, prisons, rehabilitation facilities, and schools, to their surveillance apparatus. All of this points to the construction of an American gulag, of sorts, that the Whiteheads say is "no less sinister than that of the gulags of the Cold War-era Soviet Union."

Consider the irony of American officials dubbing Russia, also known as the former Soviet Union, of being the threat when they themselves are constructing a massive concentration camp society in the United States where those who refuse to obey the government are condemned to involuntary servitude and slavery to the state.

Throughout history, it was a common tactic for totalitarian regimes to declare their enemies "mentally ill" in order to justify persecuting them. Now, we are seeing the same tried-and-true playbook get executed once again right here in the "Land of the Free."

"Warrantless seizures, surveillance, indefinite detention, isolation, exile ... sound familiar? It should," the Whiteheads further write.

"The age-old practice by which despotic regimes eliminate their critics or potential adversaries by making them disappear – or forcing them to flee – or exiling them literally or figuratively or virtually from their fellow citizens – is happening with increasing frequency in America.

Watch in the coming days as the mental derangement narrative gets slapped as a label on all resisters who oppose the government's agenda. It started with the January 6 "insurrectionists" and will soon include anyone who is "anti-government," anti-stolen elections, and anti-child grooming.

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