mRNA Inventor Warns ‘Strictest Lockdowns to Date’ Are About To Return

The inventor of mRNA technology has warned the public that the ‘strictest lockdowns to date’ are set to roll-out in an attempt to fast-track the globalist elite’s 2030 agenda.

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology behind the Covid vaccines, has warned Americans that the Biden regime intend on locking down the USA ahead of the 2024 election.

According to Dr. Malone, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and mandatory mask wearing are all “illegal” and he is urging the public to not comply with any of them.

Despite being the world’s top expert in the field, the mainstream media has continually smeared him as a “spreader of COVID disinformation.”

Last December, Twitter banned Malone for violating the platform’s Covid “misinformation” policy.

“I personally believe that this is more fear porn,” Malone said in an interview with Just the News.

“It’s not justified.” reports: He continued by arguing the lockdown measures and mandates were “illegal” in the first place “in terms of breaching of fundamental freedoms.”

Malone insists that the media’s fearmongering about new Covid variants is pure propaganda and that no evidence of a threat exists.

“There’s absolutely no evidence that there’s going to be a need to reimpose” restrictions, he added.

This “fear porn” comes as new Covid variants have been detected in a very small number in the United States.

In response, some entities are already bringing back pandemic-era protocols like mask mandates and social distancing.

However, Dr. Malone said it all appears to be about pushing an agenda to strip away the public’s freedoms.

“We’re being pummeled with fear about extinction-level events,” Malone said, listing “human-induced climate change, infectious disease, [carbon-based] energy, and the fear of nuclear war” as examples.

“When you dive into the actual risks” of the new variants, Malone stated, they appear “pretty non-threatening.”

The chance of being seriously harmed by them is “extremely low,” he noted.

Pfizer and Moderna have already developed vaccines for at least one of the variants, and the Biden administration announced this week an appropriation of $1.4 billion to develop “the future of COVID-19 vaccines” and other treatments.

The president declared the pandemic “over” last September.

In order to distribute these vaccines on a mass scale effectively, Malone said the government would have to declare another emergency, but he isn’t sure if they will at the federal level.

“This could be the wedge that really drives a break from federal policy by a wide number of states that are willing to damage their own economies to comply with what I assert is overt fear porn,” he opined.

“If the Feds go there, [are] Texas and Florida going to go there? Will California go there?

“Of course they will. You know, with a moment’s notice.”

Earlier this week, science writer Robert Zimmerman wrote in his blog “Behind The Black” that “This variant is like all the recent variants, relatively harmless, hardly different than catching a cold.

“And yet, its arrival according to this article is that we must panic and do something, even though the article itself admits that hospital admissions right now ‘remain at near-historic lows,’ and that this variant produces ‘symptoms … milder than at any point previously in the pandemic.’

Just the News also spoke with Ryan Cunningham, a campaign manager for Republicans and former emergency services disaster preparedness manager who says he was severely injured by the COVID-19 vaccine.

“You will have heavily Democrat-run cities become the alarmists along with blue states to sign those disaster declarations knowing the Covid cash cow will be on its way,” Cunningham said.

“Republican governors will be resistant and deny their access to federal funding.”

This, he elaborated, will divide the states along party lines to the point where the federal government could turn to private corporations to pressure the public into compliance.

“Today, we have schools making parents agree to masking policies to register their students, and the same with daycares.”

In May, the CDC advised schools and daycares to have a “core set of infectious disease prevention strategies as part of their normal operations,” including ones that are “COVID-19-specific.”

“Just like the Twitter files, where the government had Twitter act as their censorship regime, the same will happen with these public-private partnerships,” Cunningham concluded.

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