Mike Pence Trembles With Fear As Crowd Chant “Traitor” During Campaign Stop

Mike Pence was left visibly shaken up during a town hall meeting in New Hampshire on Friday, where he was shouted down by an angry crowd.

Pence was confronted by a large crowd of protestors questioning his loyalty to former President Trump and accusing him of being a traitor to the American people and the Constitution.

Trump supporters surrounded Mike Pence’s car as he arrived at his Friday town hall, chanting, “That’s a traitor,” “You’re a sellout.”

 “Why did you sell out the people?” one protestor asked a visibly scared Pence.

Another protester asked the former Vice President why he didn’t “uphold the Constitution.”

“I upheld the Constitution. Read it,” Pence snapped at the protestor.


Thegatewaypundit.com reports: The accusations clearly reference the former Vice President’s role in certifying the 2020 Presidential election results.

During an interview with FOX News, Mike Pence “implicitly admits he had the power to reject fraudulent votes on January 6.”

“It wasn’t just that they asked for a pause. The president specifically asked me, and his gaggle of crackpot lawyers asked me to literally reject votes, which would have resulted in the issue being turned over to the House of Representatives, and literally chaos would have ensued,” Pence said.

Trump strongly lobbied Pence to accept challenges to state election results and give those states time to review their elections when he presided over the joint session of Congress on January 6, 2021. Pence rejected Trump’s pleas, disagreeing with Trump’s saying he had the legal authority to do so under the Electoral Count Act of 1887.

Kari Lake responded, “You mean like the CHAOS of having an illegitimate “president” who is destroying our country, taking bribes from our enemies and launching us into World War III like we currently have with Joe Biden?!! Mike Pence you are such a disappointment.”

Trump Attorney Christina Bobb wrote, “Thank you for saving us from chaos Now we’ve had chaos for 3 years. Go home, Mike.”

From WMUR:

“I’ve always believed in my heart and my days that I kept my oath to support and defend the Constitution — by God’s grace, I did my due to that day,” he later said.

However, during the town hall, Pence was quick to push back on the notion that Trump supporters are a violent group.

“I reject your suggestion that passion has translated into the violence and vandalism,” he said in response to a voter question regarding Jan. 6. “I know the people of this movement — whether they support me or not, [they] are the best people in this country.”

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