Leo Hohmann: What We Learned from the First Round of Covid Hysteria: Will You Be Fooled Again?

Guest post by Leo Hohmann

This article originally appeared on Leo Hohmann’s Substack and was republished with permission.

Globalist predators are banking on us having short memories but knowledge is power and we can shut down Covid hysteria 2.0 if we enact Operation Peaceful Non-Compliance

The brilliant constitutional attorney John Whitehead has argued that the U.S. Constitution has “effectively been terminated.”

Whitehead first made this observation in a column posted at his websiteon December 6, 2022. He said it again on July 31, 2023, in an interview with CBN News.

The Constitution has been “terminated.” That’s a big statement from a man I trust, and it got me thinking. How did this happen?

What is the Constitution anyway? It’s a legal safeguard, a system of boundaries, meant to protect us against evil doers seeking to take over our society and dominate us. Yes, evil is always present but, at least in America, we had the Constitution and its vaunted Bill of Rights. It was our ultimate firebreak against the tyranny of men.

But after years of infiltration of our major institutions – schools, universities, churches, the media, government – and a couple of major crises in 9/11 and the Covid pandemic — the Constitution was subverted. Where they couldn’t get favorable court rulings, the globalists and their useful idiots (minions) found work-arounds, cleverly claiming they had extra-constitutional “emergency” powers. The legislative branch, Congress, sat back and allowed this evisceration to happen at the executive level.

And once the Constitution had been terminated, all of the other safeguards fell like dominoes.

As the establishment gears up for Covid hysteria 2.0, let’s not forget what we learned by living through the first version of this atrocity.

  • We learned that medical doctors were not the pristine, incorruptible saints up on a societal pedestal where we had placed them. That was a mirage. The medical doctors of today are effectively following orders and working for a paycheck. Their vaunted Hippocratic Oath? Terminated! In fact, of those who refused to violate that sacred oath to “do no harm,” most of them lost their jobs in 2021 when they boldly advised their patients and the world not to take the new generation of genetic vaccines. And the medical establishment is continuing to strip them of their hard-earned medical licenses.

These vaunted “medical professionals” charged with doing no harm denied men, women, and children life-saving organ transplants and other medical procedures if they were unvaccinated. As a result, many died. The Make a Wish Foundation even denied a dying child’s final wish, all because of the family’s unvaccinated status.

  • We learned that the Nuremburg Code was terminated. This was the international law that came out of World War II and guaranteed that we had the right to “informed consent” before taking any new or experimental medical treatment. It was established to prevent new Dr. Mengeles from experimenting on humans as if they were little more than lab mice. But again, if doctors and nurses did not agree to violate the Nuremburg Code, they risked losing their jobs.
  • We learned that the spiritual integrity of most of our church leaders was terminated. If we could trust anyone it would be our pastors and religious leaders, right? Wrong again. Folks like Franklin Graham, Pope Francis, Robert Jeffress, the Christian Broadcasting Network, and thousands of nameless faceless pastors all let us down. They closed houses of worship at a time when they were needed more than ever. They not only promoted the death shots, they mercilessly bashed those of us who tried to warn the world that this was all part of a depopulation agenda openly advocated by the same “experts” advocating the shots. To this day, I’m not aware that any of them have repented for their reckless comments and lack of discernment.
  • We thought that if all else failed the U.S. military would save us. The military brass proved itself to be not only corrupt, but the leader of the whole corrupt cabal that is destroying America and the world. They led Operation Warp Speed under Donald Trump and they are leading the permanent Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response created in July by Joe Biden. The research that created the deadly bioweapons masquerading as “vaccines” was largely initiated through DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the secretive research arm of the U.S. military. Sorry to burst your bubble. That’s the truth.
  • We learned the university system is completely corrupt. All universities, including almost all Christian universities, followed the dictates of evil men like Dr. Anthony Fauci in lock step. This should not surprise us. Most of them rely on federal financial aid to keep their enrollment up and pay their professors, so they were not going to buck any of the orders coming down from Washington about mask and shot mandates. (If you still think masks work, read this.)
  • Corporate America is corrupt and the small business community is largely docile and complicit. The corporate titans who play on Wall Street are pure evil because most are funded by entities like BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street, whose values are ingrained in the Luciferian ESG social-credit scoring system. As employees and customers of these corrupt institutions, we let them mask us, test us repeatedly, take our temperatures, then shoot us up with an unknown chemical substance. But how many independently owned restaurants and shops also played along? How many put those “facemasks required” signs in their doors? How many placed those X’s on their floors to mark where we had to stand, socially distanced from the “other” who was perfectly healthy? How many of us stood on those X’s like school children ordered to stand in the corner? Worst of all, how many businesses shut their doors for weeks or months at a time on the word of a corrupt state or local health director, while Walmart, Target and Costco were allowed to stay open? If these small businesses had thumbed their noses at the criminal cabal trying to illegally order them around, do you really think the state police and sheriffs would have rounded them all up and put them in jail? I doubt it. The small businesses alone had the power to break the lockdowns, but instead of standing up for Americans and their freedom, they capitulated and bowed to the system. In short, they were cowards. That left the handful who did try to make a stand vulnerable and easy to shut down by power-drunk authorities who showed themselves to be illegitimate.
  • The media would uncover corruption and expose it so it doesn’t happen again, right? Wrong again. The Journalistic Code of Ethics (yes, it used to be a thing) was summarily tossed aside decades ago in favor of a leftist/globalist narrative. But the rise of Covid and the money thrown into media organizations by the government, Big Pharma and NGOs like the Gates Foundation, guaranteed that the messaging put the Code of Ethics on a funeral pyre, ensuring it would never again rise from the ashes. Any organization that bucked the trend and decided to independently verify facts in an effort to maintain journalistic integrity was branded by pre-selected “fact-checkers” with the dreaded euphemism for truth that was pre-approved at Event 201 in October 2019. That euphemistic branding was “disinformation.”

The media has been a key player in pushing the lies of all of the above actors from day one starting in February 2020 and really kicking into gear in March 2020 with full-blown Covid hysteria, running story after story meant to create fear and panic among the people. Remember the daily “death monitors” that ran at the top of every screen on CNN and Fox News? And then when there were not enough deaths to tabulate, they started tracking “cases.” They never sought to get to the bottom of exactly how most people were dying, which was due to a lack of early treatment with drugs that were known healers of the virus. Those infected were told to go home until their symptoms were so acute that they couldn’t breathe and then they were placed on ventilators and given the killer drug Remdesivir. Any drug that was effective at proper dosages during the early stages of Covid was totally discredited by the “experts” quoted repeatedly throughout the mockingbird media. The real experts were shunned and ridiculed as purveyors of disinformation.

And real reporters who still remembered what journalism was supposed to be? They were summarily fired, blackballed, censored and silenced, leaving us with nothing but mindless mockingbirds who were willing to sell their souls to the devil to keep their jobs.

So, having lived through Round One and being privy to all of the above information, what will we do with it? The burden lies with us. The ball is in our court. The same cast of characters are eager to throw us all right back into panic mode for another round of mandates, testing protocols, social distancing, lockdowns and devastating shots. If we comply once again, the globalists will finish off the last remnants of free enterprise in our economy and the last vestige of individual freedom in our society. Will we let them do it to us again? Only you can answer that question.

As for me and my house, we are enacting Operation Peaceful Non-Compliance. No masks, no tests, no social distancing from healthy friends and family, and no shots. We say no to all of that. We say yes to a healthy lifestyle and diet, getting rest, fresh air, sunshine, Vitamins D, C and zinc.

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(Article by Guest Contributor republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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