Karen Kingston may be suffering adverse effects of malaria treatment, says family member, following Karen’s bizarre video claiming she was being hunted by the CIA

Roughly two weeks ago, vaccine researcher Karen Kingston posted a video claiming she was being "hunted like an animal" by the CIA, claiming that Dr. Robert Malone was somehow involved in a CIA assassination attempt against her. She posted a video in which she displayed what looked like symptoms of "raccoon eyes" (darkening around both eyes), and we have since learned from her son, Gavyn, that she likely contracted malaria and was receiving some sort of treatment for malaria.

"Those adverse effects might be affecting you really bad," said Gavyn in this video posted on substack, in which he is clearly communicating with his mother and begging her to seek medical attention. The format of this video seems strange, because it appears to imply that this public video is the only way Gavyn can reach his own mother with a message of concern.

In that video, Gavyn goes on to explain that he and Karen (his mom) took a tour to Tulum, Mexico, which involved walking through the jungle (for several days, it seems) to visit the ruins. "I remember that you had a bunch of rashes on your arm when you came back," he says publicly, referring to Karen's state of health. "And I think we did agree that it was malaria and you got some treatment for it. And I'm worried that that treatment that you got might have had some adverse effects."

Dr. Robert Malone, who was bizarrely accused by Karen of somehow being involved in a CIA hit job targeting her, published a response to Karen's video in which he correctly points out that side effects of Mefloquine -- a common malaria treatment drug -- include, "potentially long-term mental health problems such as depression, hallucinations, and anxiety and neurological side effects such as poor balance, seizures, and ringing in the ears."

In her original video, Karen had implied that Dr. Malone was somehow running a CIA hit squad, and she asked RFK, Jr. to order Dr. Malone to call off the hit, saying, "Mr. Kennedy, I beg of you to please talk to Dr. Robert Malone and not have me killed." In this video, she seems extremely anxious, frazzled, or even on the edge of a nervous break of some kind (my opinion).

In my own coverage of Karen's video, I publicly stated that Dr. Robert Malone was not involved in such a nefarious plot, and that the assertion against him was rather absurd. I agreed it was certainly possible that someone was trying to kill her, given how much she has exposed about vaccine ingredients, patents and the like. But the idea that Robert Malone is somehow running a CIA hit squad -- or that he has authority over such a hit squad -- just doesn't hold water. Casually flinging such accusations into the public space is a disservice to this entire movement.

Karen's family implies Karen is suffering from malaria (or malaria treatment) and may not be exhibiting sound behavior

Meanwhile, HealthImpactNews.com, which originally covered Karen's video, published a statement from Sue Skidmore (Karen's sister), which asserts to be a statement from the family regarding Karen. This statement, dated Aug 14th, 2023, says:

Several weeks ago, Karen publicly shared that she was suffering from malaria. For information on the side effects of malaria, please visit CDC.gov. Her behavior strongly indicates Karen needs to be seen immediately by a physician. Her son and mother are safe and sound. They are not missing.

This appears to confirm what Karen's son has implied, which is that Karen's state of health is not sound, and specifically implying that the words she spoke in the video were not coming from a place of a healthy, sound mind, and that she needs to seek medical attention (yet it is implied that she is not currently under the care of a physician, as both her sister and her son are publicly asking her to see a doctor).

Furthermore, this letter from Sue Skidmore asks that Health Impact News, "stop speculating and politicizing on matters in which you are not fully informed," which seems to be a request for Health Impact News to delete its article on Karen, or to stop reporting on Karen, even though Karen herself set off this entire sequence of events by publicly posting a video and naming people in it, along with strong accusations against those people.

Health Impact News replied in its article, "Health Impact News will not be removing our article on Karen Kingston, however, because no “speculation” was made, nor needed, since the words came directly out of Karen’s mouth herself."

A lot of resources have been set into motion based on Karen's original video

It is noteworthy that Karen herself made this public by posting a video that, in various ways, named specific people including Mikki Willis, Steve Kirsch, myself (Mike Adams) and also Dr. Robert Malone. She was asking for help to stop what she apparently believed was an assassination effort against her. A lot of people scrambled in many different directions to try to set up safe passage for Karen, including myself talking to my various ex-military contacts, a couple of which were on stand by to shuttle Karen to a safe house location within the United States. People in my orbit care about Karen Kingston and want her to be safe. We scrambled to prepare a small group of actual military operators to put Karen out of reach of any potential assassins. And these people are serious men who get sh#t done. They don't appreciate being jerked around. You don't get second chances with guys like this.

Yet my attempts to reach Karen produced nothing. No reply.

And now we learn from her own family members that Karen may be suffering side effects of malaria treatment medication, meaning that Karen's bombshell video may not have been recorded in a sound mental state, and it may have been the medication influencing Karen into a state of extreme anxiety or, possibly, hallucinations.

Her family demands that we all, "cease speculating about and politicizing Karen's recent behavior," yet we have no response from Karen herself, no statement, no contact, nothing. From our point of view, Karen is indeed still "missing" and a lot of circumstances emerging in this mystery seem very concerning.

Importantly, her accusations against Dr. Malone in particular demand an apology. To publicly and repeatedly accuse Dr. Malone of somehow running a CIA assassination squad is no small thing. Where is the evidence that Dr. Malone has any influence or access whatsoever to CIA hit squad resources? Why was his name even brought up in the first place?

Dr. Malone, in his response, talks about a "hate ecosystem" that has emerged across the so-called "health freedom" space, where a relatively small set of individuals have decided that Dr. Malone is persona non grata and must be relentlessly attacked. He writes about "fifth generation warfare," saying:

I write about fifth generation warfare from the point of view of someone who has been constantly subjected to it for about three years. Day in and day out. Five, ten times a day. Coordinated waves of attacks, some clearly coming from corporate media cooperating with the US Government and Pharma, others from the fevered imaginations of a wide variety of individual actors with a wide variety of motivations, and some coming from coordinated cyberstalker teams of bots and trolls...

Whatever your opinion of Dr. Malone and his role in speaking out about mRNA vaccines, Karen's video naming Dr. Malone most definitely supports his assertion that he is being subjected to outrageous, unjustified attacks and accusations.

We pray for Karen's recovery and hope she will set the record straight

I have a specific right to publicly comment on all this, as Karen named me in her video. She invited me into the topic in a very public way. So despite her family's desire that people "stop speculating" about what's going on, I'm going to offer my own opinion and advice in this matter, and this advice is coming from a place of compassion and concern.

Based on information from her own family, it seems to me that Karen Kingston was most likely suffering from side effects of a malaria treatment drug, and that she filmed that original video while under the influence of that drug. This is where the evidence now strongly points. I believe the family knows this and they are also trying to get help for Karen (that seems obvious from their messages).

It now seems highly unlikely that Karen Kingston is actually being hunted by any assassination squad, and even if you were being hunted, why would you divulge the location of where you were staying in Mexico? If you were really hiding from a hit squad, you wouldn't publicly share your location, and you most certainly wouldn't stay in Mexico, where drug cartels can be easily hired to eliminate you. I pointed this out in my original video, where I urged Karen to get out of Mexico and seek safety in the USA, in a "safe house" that we could help arrange for her.

In my view, Karen Kingston needs to publicly explain what happened and apologize for the assertions she made in her video. Her behavior has caused a lot of confusion, stress, concern and effort to be expended by a lot of people who were only trying to help her stay safe. She made a wild, bizarre accusation against Dr. Robert Malone that needs to be retracted, and she caused many people in my personal orbit to expend time and resources in preparing for a safe passage scenario (perhaps even the possibility of an "extraction" scenario, which is potentially very dangerous).

Karen needs to understand that this is not a drill. We treated her cries for help with all seriousness, with a sense of compassion, concern and in the hope of being able to render aid to a valued person in need of real protection. Now, we learn this whole thing was most likely the result of a medication side effect, and that Karen was likely not of sound mind when she recorded that video and posted it to the world, claiming she was being hunted like an animal and was on the verge of being killed.

The world deserves an explanation of exactly what happened and how this went sideways. Specifically, you don't post a video saying you're being hunted like an animal by the CIA, and asking for help, and then cut off all comms with the people trying to help you.

We await word from Karen or her family, and we hope that the very next video Karen posts publicly begins with an apology and/or an explanation, retraction or something that actually makes sense. We pray for Karen's recovery from whatever she is going through, and we hope she will find her way through this and continue her research and advocacy from here forward.

Until then, folks, stay off mind-altering medications.


(Article by Mike Adams republished from NaturalNews.com )

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