Joe Rogan interview explains how financial giants like BlackRock shape culture, politics

Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street, Larry Fink, Larry Page, and ultimately George Soros… these are the entities who control political processes. These are the entities who control politics.

Note from LifeSiteNews co-founder Steve Jalsevac: This article, but especially the video discussion between Joe Rogan and Patrick Bet-David, is profoundly important. Bet-David is very perceptive and indicates who really controls the world, and how, and why. Everyone needs to watch at least the first 14 min. video segment of this discussion which includes the most significant, mind-boggling portion of Bet David’s analysis. Better still, watch the second, full, 47-minute video of the discussion.

Why do we have constant wars? Why are our hospitals always full? What power does a president really have? Why was Dr. Paul Alexander told by government bureaucrats that President Trump has no power and that they really run the government? Who do presidents really work for? Who has by far and away the greatest power in the world? What is the role of money in the running of the world? Those and many other questions are answered by Bet-David. It’s actually all common sense based on easy to obtain knowledge and putting two and two together – but hardly anyone has done this.

Based on all that I have learned over the past few years of never-ending lies and manipulations related to COVID, climate change, the Ukraine war, and much more, Bet-David’s answers seem reasonable and extremely concerning. After reading and watching this you may consider that it is hopeless to even try to defeat these people. However, knowledge is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge is power.

That is, unless we become aware of these things, we can never understand all that is happening to us and never even begin to change our future for the better. These power elites, who actually consider themselves to be gods, are only human. They are mortal and things do happen over time to upset their plans that seem to be undefeatable. God provides unexpected opportunities in response to our fidelity, prayers, and sacrifices. A Christian is by definition always hopeful and must never hide from truth.

For 13 years, Conservative Treehouse has been assembling the data showing how everything that is swirling around the world of cultural and political events can be encapsulated with the term “the economics of the thing.” That quote is not about the applied exchanges of commerce or production, but rather another way to look at the old adage, “follow the money” and “he who controls the money.” The difference between the two statements is found with massive financial institutions purchasing the biggest shares of companies.

“The economics of the thing,” drives a key point that cultural issues, sociological fabric, and political outcomes, are driven by the mechanisms of a few people who control the constructs of the economic system: essentially, control of the corporations. This is the issue behind our current reality that Conservative Treehouse predicted 15 years ago.

Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street, Larry Fink, and I would add Larry Page (Google) and ultimately George Soros (purely ideological), form the massive financial network behind the second phrase, “There are trillions at stake.” These are the entities who control political processes. These are the entities who control politics. These are the entities who control the RNC/DNC.

It’s actually nice to see people starting to elevate themselves high enough to see the issues we have pointed out on these pages for fifteen years. Unfortunately, these types of awakenings and the subsequent broad sharing to a larger audience, is part of the reason why Conservative Treehouse has such a big target on its back.

It’s not the content that we provide for people to absorb that presents a risk to the power structure, it’s the context that we apply to the content.

The content is available widely, it is not in dispute, that is why we work diligently to provide the citations. The content is never the issue; it’s the context of taking the momentary data point and applying it as one piece of the puzzle to the larger picture that is averse to the interests of the power holders.

The Alphabet/Google spiders are not crawling around with their enhanced AI looking for words, phrases or content issues. Enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) has given the spiders the ability to look for context. The new Alphabet/Google AI spiders are crawling the internet looking for information provided with a detrimental and accurate context. Those who are applying truthful context are the subversive voices that must be targeted. Keep this in mind.

Reprinted with permission from the Conservative Treehouse.

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