Is the latest tick scare an anti-meat green ploy that’s weaponizing insects and bugs?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is trying to scare the public right now about so-called "lone start ticks," which the agency claims is creating meat allergies in people – but is this claim real?

Is there really an "emerging public health concern" like the CDC is claiming, or is it all a ploy to try to get more people to stop eating meat because of global warming?

It is certainly coincidental that right around the time when climate change fanatics are making much ado about nothing concerning meat consumption that the CDC would come out with this claim just as the global warming crowd is trying to push people into eating bugs.

Also known as AGS, alpha-gal syndrome is said to be a serious and potentially life-threatening allergic reaction that comes after people eat red meat or consume any other products that contain alpha-gel, a type of sugar found in most mammals.

"As for the AGS meat allergy, it can manifest as anaphylaxis – or a life-threatening allergic reaction characterized by a sudden constriction of airways and a drop in blood pressure, according to the National Institutes of Health," the CDC says. "Researchers say that unlike allergic reactions to other foods, which are generally immediate, AGS reactions can occur three to six hours after eating red meat."

"AGS symptoms can include a rash, hives, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath, stomach pain, and heartburn. Symptoms can be mild to severe, officials have said."

Is the government unleashing weaponized ticks to make people allergic to meat so they stop eating it?

It would appear based on the evidence gathered thus far that lone star ticks capable of inducing AGS in people might be deliberately engineered bioweapons aimed at forcing people to stop eating meat by making them allergic to it.

Since not enough people are voluntarily lining up for a bowl of bug salad from the likes of Klaus Schwab, the powers that be may have genetically engineered (GMO) ticks to force-allergize the public against meat so that people's bodies can no longer tolerate it.

There is an extensive history of weaponizing bugs in war. One example is during World War II, when Japanese biological warfare units dropped plague-infested fleas and cholera-coated flies on Chinese cities, ultimately killing more than 440,000 people.

In Europe, there are accounts of beehives and wasp nests being used as warheads, including on the high seas as a highly effective way to clear the decks of enemy ships.

"The technological high point in hive-heaving machinery emerged in the 14th century with the development of the entomological predecessor of the Gatling gun – a windmill-like device that propelled straw hives from the ends of the rapidly rotating arms," reports All News Pipeline about the matter.

Even in ancient Rome there is evidence of scorpion bombs being rained down and inflicting punishment on the Romans wherever their skin was exposed, including on the legs and arms and in their faces and eyes.

In the modern day, we are now seeing insect drones and GMO bugs and insects being unleashed for "research" purposes. There are also all those GMO mosquitoes that Bill Gates dropped in Florida to infect people with ... whatever.

"With all the information available online regarding the weaponization of bugs, whether drones that look like bugs or insects, or genetically modifying bugs to deliver viruses to plants, which could just as easily be delivered to human beings, is it too much of a stretch to be suspicious of a new 'emerging public health concern,' regarding the use of ticks to cause an allergy to meat?" All News Pipeline asks. 

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