GROUNDED: Russia Launches Massive Missile and Drone Strike On One of the Last Operational Ukrainian Airbases – Hangar is Struck at Starokonstantinov

The only front in which Ukraine is winning the war is on the MSM headlines.

Since the Ukrainian counteroffensive yields no results other than the mass slaughter of the Ukrainian soldiers and the rapid destruction of the military equipment that western taxpayers paid for, there is nothing else left for the Mainstream Media to do other than focus all their attention on the drone and missile strikes on Russian territory.

Whenever a strike lands, it is hailed as a victory, despite the fact that, disruptive as they may have been, most of them serve no military purpose other than propaganda to feed both the domestic and international public.

Meanwhile, Russian Federation forces continue to fight their war of attrition, using their overwhelming artillery, air and naval forces to meticulously target military forces, equipment and installations, as well as crippling Ukraine’s energy and infrastructure capabilities. Talk about disruptive.

Starokonstantinov airbase.

Early Sunday (August 6th), the Russians began a series of massive strikes to a series of deep rear targets in the Zaporozhye, Dnipropetrovsk, Vinnytsia and Khmelnytsky regions, where the strikes heavily targeted the Starokonstantinov airbase, one of the largest – still operational – in Ukraine.

According to some Russian sources, nearly a dozen fighter aircraft were destroyed,  as well as ammunition for the aircraft, but of course if you read the wishful thinkers of the MSM, they say the attacks hit a bus stop – no kidding.

Russian Telegram channel Военный Осведомитель (Military Informant) reported:

“This is the most massive missile attack on a single air base during the entire war; previously, no airfield has received so much attention and means of destruction. What’s the matter?

Firstly, it is from this air base that Ukrainian Su-24 bombers take off, which are carriers of the British Storm Shadow cruise missiles.

At the moment, these cruise missiles are the most dangerous and long-range missile armament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which the enemy army does not disdain to hit bridges, ammunition depots and command posts.

Destruction of Storm carriers and their bases is the highest priority task for the RF Armed Forces.”

In Ukraine they are arresting people who film attacks, air defense work or strike sites, so to understand the effect we have to rely on creative ways.

Large fires detected around the base.

One way, for example, are the OSINT Satellites of the NASA Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS) are used to register large fires on a global scale.

Военная хроника (Military Chronicles) reported:

“A hit on the Starokonstantinov airfield was confirmed: satellites recorded at least four large fires there, and the total number of cruise missile hits during the night strike, presumably, exceeded a dozen.”

The scope of the attack speaks to the improved capabilities of the Russian military industry, that has been delivering newer and better missiles and drones in quantities unmatched by the west.

“For strikes, the entire arsenal of missile weapons was used – ground-based ballistic missiles Iskander and Oniks, Caliber-NK missiles from sea carriers, as well as Kh-101 missiles from air carriers and a large number of Geran-2 drones.”

Low-resolution picture of suspected strike places.

Apart from the airfield, many caches of weapons, equipment, and ammunition were destroyed at Armed Forces of Ukraine facilities deep in the territory of Ukraine.

“Presumably, these cargoes should have been sent soon to strengthen the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and, probably, contribute to the introduction of the remaining reserves into the offensive, but now this task will be much more difficult to complete.”

Up to two dozen Tu-95s aircraft, as well as Mig-31Ks, were involved in the attack, in addition to land and naval missile launching platforms.

As much as 84 missiles were identified, in an attack coordinated with numerous Iranian-made Geranium (Shahed) drones.

One aspect of Sunday’s attack was the new flight path capabilities of the Russian missiles.

Simplicius the Thinker on Substack:

“In almost every strike now, Russian Kh-101 missiles are reported to take extremely circuitous routes, where they ‘cruise around’ the country, changing directions frequently and completely throwing off Ukrainian monitoring systems and defenses.”

Ukraine Watch made a joke of the misrepresentations by Europeans:

“In recent attacks, Russian Caliber rockets have started changing direction, maneuvering, flying in circles.

There’s nothing strange about that. According to [European Commission President] Ursula von der Leyen, they have microchips from washing machines. So it’s not surprising that they’re flying around in circles – obviously the drying cycle has kicked in.”

(Article by Paul Serran republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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