From COVID To Climate Change: Vehicles For Global Authoritarianism

 Authored by Brandon Smith via,

As I have noted in the past, the western world came within a knife’s edge of being completely subjugated and placed under perpetual medical tyranny by a coalition of government officials, globalist interests and corporate partners. Liberty movement analysts have talked often of “open conspiracy,” but it was not until the pandemic response that we truly witnessed the mask come off and the greater agenda revealed.

Not more than five years ago the most common retort from skeptics was that such a conspiracy was “impossible” because it was “too elaborate to organize.” Today these people look rather foolish. It is undeniable – There is a cabal of power elites, they are highly organized around the globalist ideology and they want total centralized control of society. It is an immutable fact supported by endless proof. The debate is over. The covid response ended it.

The list of crimes against civil liberties is long. The establishment and the political left (with the help of a handful of Neocons) tried to implement unprecedented authoritarian measures from business and church shutdowns to forced masking (studies show the masks are useless) to forced vaccination using experimental mRNA products with no long term safety testing. In some countries (including New Zealand and Australia) covid camps were actually built to imprison not just citizens traveling overseas, but non-traveling citizens as well. Legislation to build such camps was pushed in the US.

A large percentage of Democrats in polls supported even more extreme policies, including:

55% of Democrats wanted fines for unvaxxed Americans.
59% of Democrats wanted the unvaccinated forcefully confined to their homes.
48% of Democrats wanted prison time for anyone that questioned the vaccines.
47% of Democrats were in favor of government tracking of the unvaxxed.
29% of Democrats were in favor or taking children away from the unvaxxed.

So, if someone tells you there “are no sides” and that the conflict is an illusion created by the “false left/right paradigm,” you know they are full of manure. There are definitely sides and the globalists are not our only concern. And though there are always nuances to take into consideration, exceptions to the rule do not change the rule.

As many leftists openly admitted during the mandates, the goal was to make life so miserable for the unvaccinated that they would eventually comply in order to survive. In this way, establishment elites and leftists could claim that people “volunteered” for the vaccines and no one was forced. What they really meant was, no one was forced at gunpoint, but we all knew that threat was coming next.

Keep in mind that all of these measures were rationalized in the name of “saving lives.” No lives were saved by the mandates. The official median infection fatality rate of covid is a mere 0.23%. In other words, all of these constitutional violations were attempted over a virus that 99.8% of people would inevitably catch and easily survive. I continue to suspect that the establishment expected covid to kill far more people than it did – When lab created diseases get out into the wild they change rapidly, usually evolving to be more infectious but less deadly.

The cabal is not all powerful and certainly not infallible. They make mistakes often. The covid agenda relied on multiple disjointed factors that were difficult to predict and most of them had to work in tandem. One of those factors was the dependency on the political left (a group of weaklings) to act as useful idiots and mob enforcers. Frankly, leftists just aren’t frightening enough to inspire compliance.

Another factor was the assumption that the response of conservative and independent free thinkers would be limited and easy to control. Finally, most if not all state governments in the US had to enforce the mandates for the duration.

Globalists seem to have greatly underestimated the potential resistance to their agenda, specifically in the US where 50 million+ armed citizens were ready to go to war over the draconian restrictions. I think the vaccine passports were the KEY to the scheme; vax passports would have given the establishment full spectrum dominance of the economy with people unable to get jobs or purchase necessities without submitting to the mandates.

It was here that many conservatives, independents and dozens of red states (to my surprise) made their stand, and suddenly, like magic, the covid hysteria vanished. The media propaganda campaign went quiet (compared to the previous two years), and the mandates were abandoned in most places around the world. The globalists were not ready to risk a fight against a massive insurgency.

It has been suggested that the covid agenda is about to make a comeback with a new hyped up strain of the virus. If this is the case, then the attempt will hit a wall. With even more Americans aware of the pointlessness of the mandates and the masks it is unlikely to gain much traction. Of course, as long as the people behind these schemes remain unpunished, they will be free to try again and again until something sticks.

Government agencies and officials like Anthony Fauci remain unpunished for their numerous covid lies. Joe Biden remains unpunished for his attempts to supplant the Bill of Rights. The mainstream media and Big Tech companies remain unpunished for their collusion in propaganda and censorship efforts.

And, let’s not gloss over the fact that Donald Trump promoted the fast-tracked mRNA vaccine programs (I will admit that as far as I know he never called for people to be forced to comply).

He also placed many technocrats and globalists within his own cabinet who would later go on to help institute authoritarian policies. How much these people influenced him or lied to him is up for debate, but his current prosecution does not negate his role leading up to the lockdowns. If there is an election in 2024 and Trump re-enters the White House, remember that no president is going to save us from this fight, we must save ourselves.

The goal of the globalists will be to move swiftly into other crisis events, whether real or fabricated, to bring the population to heel. Enter today’s climate change hysteria…

The covid agenda and the climate change agenda are very similar in that they rely on a core fallacy. The lie is that these events are actually dictated by human behavior, and thus human behavior must be controlled in the name of the “greater good.” The idea goes beyond this, though, into the realm of collectivism; for the globalists and leftists assert that each individual action affects the lives of the rest of the population in a great and unedning hive. Therefore, every single person must have their lives micromanaged by the state to prevent some kind of chain reaction that leads to catastrophe for the precious bug colony.

This was the claim during the covid farce, and it’s also the claim for climate change and carbon restrictions. They have fabricated yet another excuse for eliminating personal freedoms. For covid it was the air we each breath out that would supposedly destroy public health, and for climate change it is once again the air we breath out that will supposedly destroy the world. Coincidence? I think not.

During the lockdowns, numerous globalists and globalist connected climate researchers publicly expressed joy at the suggestion that covid lockdowns could be useful for reducing carbon emissions. The phrase “climate lockdowns” started circulating around major conferences and in various globalist funded studies.

These studies obviously show a precipitous drop in human based carbon emissions during the lockdowns, but still do not provide any evidence that man-made emissions actually cause climate changes. This remains the underlying con game of the climate narrative – Climate researchers with access to billions in government funds and think-tank funds happily operate on the ASSUMPTION that emissions cause warming, when in fact they have zero evidence to support this position. Correlation is not causation.

This summer, the media has been relentlessly pounding the climate propaganda drum to a degree that mimics the covid propaganda of a couple years ago.  The nihilistic reports of impending “global boiling” are built upon a house of cards.  Almost all climate crisis claims are based on records of a little over 100 years old. The Earth’s climate history is vast and there have been numerous warming periods much hotter than today. All of these warming events occurred during periods of ample animal and plant life and without human industry to blame.

he climate bogeyman is nothing more than another covid-like fraud, a vehicle for grabbing power and erasing our freedoms. There is no threat, and even if there was there is nothing that human beings could do about it since we have no bearing whatsoever on the course of the Earth’s temperatures. The world’s climate has been changing for millions of years, and there is no difference between the changes of today vs the changes of the past.

The globalists know that to achieve the “new world order” or the “great reset” they desire, a large percentage of the population has to be onboard. And since most people have a measure of conscience as well as self interest, their enslavement has to be presented as a positive.  Tthey must be made to believe that by embracing slavery they are saving the planet and the lives of others.

None of this is true of course, but as long as the populace thinks they are doing good they can often be manipulated into supporting immense evil.

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