Former U.K. Health Secretary Matt Hancock turned British care homes into midazolam and morphine EUTHANASIA camps to further the covid “pandemic” illusion

While everyone was stuck at home during the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) stay-at-home lockdown orders, former British Health Secretary Matt Hancock was busy murdering the elderly in care homes by giving them midazolam and morphine euthanasia cocktails.

Under the guise of "saving lives" and to "protect the NHS" (National Health Service), Hancock orchestrated the mass slaughter of seniors, only to later claim that they had all died because of the "virus."

Midazolam, in case you are unfamiliar with the drug, is commonly used in the United States to execute convicted criminals via lethal injection. It causes serious, life-threatening breathing problems such as shallow, slowed, or temporary stopped breathing, ultimately leading to brain injury and death.

These symptoms just so happen to mirror those the government claims are associated with "covid," as they manifest clinically as pneumonia and accompanying respiratory failure.

"We're told that serious illness in Covid-19 presents pneumonia and accompanying respiratory insufficiency," explains The Exposé. "Therefore typical symptoms include breathlessness, cough, weakness and fever."

"We're also told that people who suffer deteriorating respiratory failure and who do not receive intensive care, develop acute respiratory distress syndrome with severe breathlessness."

Why was a lethal injection drug for criminals given to the elderly during the "pandemic?"

One wonders how midazolam ever came to become a "treatment" for the Fauci Flu when we know, based on science, that it causes the very life-threatening symptoms that covid itself supposedly causes.

Was the entire thing a ruse from the beginning? Was there even a virus at all, or was it just a complex sleight-of-hand by the powers that be to make it seem like a deadly virus was circulating when in fact people were dying from midazolam, 5G exposure, toxic food and water, and whatever other poisons were "activated" for such a time as this.

According to the data, Hancock's involvement in pushing midazolam on elderly patients resulted in 26,541 of them dying in April 2020. This is an increase of 17,850 deaths compared to the five-year average.

Had Hancock not prescribed these poor people this deadly drug, many more of them would have survived and lived on to be with their families. Instead, they are now in graves or urns, thanks to Hancock's efforts to kill them.

It was Hancock who also on March 19, 2020, sent out a directive to the NHS authorizing hospitals to discharge all patients deemed as "unfit" to require a hospital bed. This resulted in even more deaths as patients in need of a bed were forcefully released.

By all appearances, it was Hancock's mission to kill the elderly. How else do we explain all of his policy moves that, rather than save lives, led to tens of thousands of lives being ended earlier than they otherwise would have been had he not imposed a genocidal "treatment" plan for covid.

"And it allowed Matt Hancock to orchestrate a genocide of the elderly and vulnerable so that he could tell you thousands were dying of Covid-19 and justify the draconian, totalitarian state that his government had imposed on the country, alongside many other governments around the world," The Exposé adds.

Hancock publicly admitted that he had "a big project" in mind to "make sure that the global supply chains for those sorts of medications ... are clear" – meaning he deliberately orchestrated this genocide campaign.

"In fact, those medicines are made in a relatively small number of factories around the world," he added, "so it is a delicate supply chain and we are in contact with the whole supply chain." 

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