FDA alters donation rules allowing American Red Cross to accept blood from homosexual, bisexual men

New rules put forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will, for the first time, allow homosexual and bisexual men to donate blood.

The American Red Cross has already updated its donor screening policy to reflect the change, discarding an age-old barrier that considered sexual orientation and other flavors of the LGBT "rainbow" to be a serious risk factor for patients.

What was formerly deemed as potentially tainted or dirty blood, due to the unspeakable sexual acts committed by LGBT males, is now a thing of the past as the American Red Cross adopts a new pro-gay stance for blood donations.

Citing "decades of data collection and assessments," the American Red Cross, at the behest of the FDA, will no longer ask blood donors questions about their sexual orientation, though they will still be asked about deviant sexual activity such as anal sex, which if they commit such acts will still require them to wait six months before trying to donate.

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Most gay, bisexual males are not having anal sex, ADVANCE study finds

The FDA conducted its own study called ADVANCE in preparation for the rule change. The agency now says that sexual orientation is no big deal when it comes to blood donations, including the waiting periods that the American Red Cross is keeping in place, at least for now.

The change brings the U.S. into alignment with more "progressive" countries like Canada and the United Kingdom that already allow gay men to donate blood like it is no big deal.

The ADVANCE study declares that some sexually active gay and bisexual men with "lower-risk behaviors" can still donate blood without issue. The FDA's definition of "lower-risk behaviors" includes not having had a new sexual partner within the previous three months.

"There's so much in the world that you can't help with, and you sometimes have to see people going through difficult times, but something like giving blood feels like something so small that you can do, and it means a lot to me that I'll be able to do that again," celebrated Andrew Goldstein, an apparent LGBT himself and also a cancer researcher living in Los Angeles.

According to the findings of the ADVANCE study, most gay and bisexual men, around 66 percent, reported having only one sexual partner and not having anal sex. Sixty-nine percent said they have had no new partners or anal sex within the past three months.

In the FDA's view, if a gay or bisexual male has only one partner and is not having anal sex, then his blood is safe to donate. Any additional risky behavior, however, could render blood donation unsafe.

Every two seconds, according to the American Red Cross, someone living in the United States requires blood or platelets from a donor. The average blood cell transfusion is about three units of red blood cells, and about 29,000 units of it are needed every day to help patients in need.

A simple car accident requires, on average, that a victim receive 100 units of blood. And since LGBT perversion has spread like wildfire, ruling out many people who do not qualify under the old rules, the FDA and the American Red Cross are changing the game to allow more blood into the pool.

"The Red Cross celebrates this historic move as significant progress and remains committed to achieving an inclusive blood donation process that treats all potential donors with equality and respect while maintaining the safety of the blood supply," the non-profit organization said in a statement. 

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