Daycare Centers In Germany Provide ‘Masturbation Rooms’ For Children

Daycare centers in Germany are encouraging young children to explore their sexuality in special “masturbation rooms,” according to German media reports.

One report published by Die Welt, discussed how the practice of sexualizing kindergarteners is unfolding in two daycares in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia [NRW].

The report says that the nurseries claims to offer “children freedom to try out childish sexuality,” insisting that “masturbation is something normal” and that the establishment considers allowing sexual self-gratification on its premises to be “of great importance.”

Part of the report translated from German to English stated:

Children should be able to “retreat to a safe space in order to discover and satisfy themselves physically”. One is convinced of that in a day-care center in Kerpen. In their sex education concept, it says that the day-care center offers “children freedom to try out childhood sexuality”. So “masturbation is something normal. Allowing “masturbation” in day-care centers is “of great importance

InfoWars reports: The report went on to describe how children at a day care in Rheinberg were also being urged to play “doctor games,” “but with rules for the little ones: ‘You carefully choose the child who will play with you.’”

News of the two daycares’ policies regarding child sexuality came to light after they were publicized by members of the AfD right-wing German political party.

Die Welt reports while government agencies in Hanover in the German state of Lower Saxony have previously put a stop to similar daycare incidents, the situation in North Rhine-Westphalia was all but ignored by the local government.

In NRW you see things a little differently. When asked how the green-led children’s ministry in North Rhine-Westphalia judged how masturbation was handled in the two daycare centers, it replied that “sexual behavior by children” could “not be prevented”. The Ministry emphasizes that “separate rooms solely for sexual self-exploration in day-care centers” are “not provided”. However, the ministry does not want to contact the two daycare centers either.

The article goes on to encourage parents to take a greater interest in their children’s education as more schools are implementing woke gender indoctrination, including instructing children they can change genders if they like, that men can give birth, and that “sexual diversity” is a moral, righteous cause.

The worrisome happenings at the daycares are reminiscent of the nightmare totalitarian future envisioned by author Aldous Huxley in his 1932 dystopian sci-fi masterpiece, Brave New World, in which he described a trans-humanist society ruled by a technocratic elite group of scientists where children are encouraged to participate in “erotic play,” despite procreation taking place in test tubes.

In the book, the childhood sexual encounters were a means of desensitizing the children to the notions that promiscuity is normal, that “everybody belongs to everyone else,” and that lust holds higher value than romantic love.

Another German newspaper Bild reported on similar practices being encouraged in a daycare center in Hanover. It came to light after an email was sent to parents.

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