COINCIDENCE? Newly acquired Planned Parenthood building looks like Aztec child sacrifice pyramid for the “blood-thirsty” Satanic deity Tlaloque

Planned Parenthood's main function is to prevent families from ever forming, as they perform more and more abortions every year, totaling close to 400,000 in 2020, about 30,000 more than the year before. In fact, that same year, abortions made up more than 96 percent of PP's "pregnancy resolution services," meaning their "counseling" and helping women "plan" for parenthood coerces 96 out of every hundred pregnant women to abort their baby. How is that "planning for parenthood?"

Meanwhile, prenatal services, miscarriage care, and adoption referrals make up the rest of their services. PP reports over $2.1 billion in assets and $1.7 billion in income. Is PP really just a cult that brainwashes women into aborting their babies as part of a population reduction agenda?

Is PP a racist organization, since their centers are highly concentrated in metropolitan cities, where black folks make up more of the populace? Also, if PP is a cult organization that hates new life, are they also an atheist-based cult that sacrifices the fetuses they abort to Satan? Their latest building they've acquired seems to support this theory, as it closely resembles an Aztec pyramid where children WERE sacrificed to the 'gods.' It's time to take a closer look.

Like several other indigenous peoples, the Aztecs made human sacrifices to the bloodthirsty 'gods.' In America, we have white supremacists who also make child sacrifices, but they call it "healthcare" (abortions) and "vaccines." Oftentimes, after killing a fetus or newborn child, the organs are sold on the black market to biotechnology companies for lab testing new GMO products and vaccines.

In America, some of the sacrificial 'temples' and 'pyramids' are disguised as healthcare facilities or "Planned Parenthood" clinics, where pregnant women can plan NOT to have a family by killing their pregnancy and helping with fake climate change by reducing or limiting the human population of earth. Kanye West calls PP a "Holocaust museum for Black babies."

Savage nations, including America, continue to build "shrines" for sacrificing children to Lucifer and Biotech

Though the United States is obviously a developed nation, with laws and police, there are still many ways for corporations to skirt those laws and execute humans, especially under the guise of medicine, healthcare, and vaccines. Newborn children and babies still living in their mother's body are very susceptible to overdoses from known neurotoxins. Also, many mothers, especially new ones, can be coerced by the evil pharma shills at PP to abort the baby, which is in the best interest of biotech and the climate change cult.

Maybe that's why the new PP building looks like an Aztec child-sacrifice pyramid. You be the judge. Did they buy this on purpose for their ongoing rituals? Is it some kind of sick joke? The new Planned Parenthood mega-abortion center in Houston, Texas is nearly a perfect match for the child-sacrifice temple of the Aztecs.

Don't forget, Planned Parenthood was FOUNDED by a white supremacist racist named Margaret Sanger, who said that black people are like "weeds" that infest the population. You see, PP has always been about keeping black people from having many babies, and that's most likely still their mission today. Why would they change, especially with Bill Gates pushing his toxic population-reduction vaccines (that contain sterility chemicals) so hard in Africa?

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(Article by Ethan Huff republished from )

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