Climate fanatic wants Biden to declare “climate emergency,” making himself DICTATOR over America

Climate "scientist" Peter Kalmus from NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab has written a piece for The Guardian (United Kingdom) calling on fake president Joe Biden to immediately declare a climate emergency.

According to Kalmus, the world has now "passed into a ferocious new phase of global heating with much worse to come." And the only solution is for Biden to assume dictatorial powers even more severe than the ones Donald Trump assumed while he acted as president during the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) "pandemic."

"I'm terrified by what's being done to our planet," Kalmus writes. "I'm also fighting to stop it. You, too, should be afraid while also taking the strongest action you can take."

"There has never been a summer like this in recorded history: shocking ocean heat, deadly land heat, unprecedented fires and smoke, sea ice melting faster than we've ever seen or thought possible," Kalmus adds, noting that he has "dreaded this depth of Earth breakdown for almost two decades."

As long as we "burn fossil fuels," Kalmus says things will get "far, far worse"

In Kalmus' view, the primary culprit in "global heating," as he calls it, is the continued burning of fossil fuels, which are just earth-based fuels naturally produced by the planet for humanity's benefit.

In Kalmus' deranged world, fossil fuels are evil and must be kept inside the earth where they come from, never to be used as energy in cars, heating systems, or anything else.

"... as we burn fossil fuels, far, far worse is on the way; and I take zero satisfaction in knowing that this will be proven right, too, with a certainty as non-negotiable and merciless as the physics behind fossil-fueled global heating," Kalmus writes, injecting as much fear rhetoric as he can to get his point across.

"Instead, I only feel fury at those in power, and bottomless grief for all that I love. We are losing Earth on our watch."

The weather has been so warm lately – it is summer, after all – that Kalmus fears the Amazon rainforest "may already be past its tipping point." He also worries that coral reefs "will be gone from our planet by mid-century, and possibly much earlier given this surge in sea-surface temperatures."

"These are cosmic losses," Kalmus further whines. "And as a father, I grieve for my children."

Kalmus again mentions fossil fuels in his piece, blaming them entirely for "causing this damage" that he believes includes a "heat nightmare." And no amount of "tree planting, recycling, carbon offsetting, or wishful carbon-capture thinking" is ever going to fix the problem he imagines in his head about the current overheated state of the planet.

"The longer we allow the fossil fuel industry to exist, the more irreversible damage to Earth the people who profit from it will continue to knowingly cause," he further writes.

"We are careening toward fossil-fueled heatwaves that will kill over a million people in single events. And it will not plateau there: more fossil fuels, more heat, more death. The only way out is to end fossil fuels."

One wonders if Kalmus is one of those slow-walking, zombie-like "stop oil" goofballs in the orange vests who are stopping traffic during rush hour while they creep slowly through the streets of the UK in protest of oil.

Because he is a "scientist," Kalmus thinks everyone should listen to whatever he has to say and obey. He calls anyone who rejects his rhetoric "ignorant and short-sighted," and guilty of engaging in "a form of climate denial." 

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