CLIMATE CHANGE – Manufactured Viruses & CERN’s portal to dimensions


Canadian wildfires are now contributing to 30% of global pollution and warming.   70,000 to 100,000 wildfires burn every year – the vast majority human caused or arson, which accounts for about 90%.   Upwards of 40-50 volcanoes are erupting every day.   There are roughly 55 earthquakes every day globally. Every military exercise includes detonating bombs in our oceans, atmosphere, and underground.   Every aluminum particle put into our skies by globalist experts kills plant life and animals like a poison. Yet fossil fuels are the culprit in Climate Change/Warming.

Yesterday in the middle of Chile’s winter the temperature soared to 100’.


A biolab owned by the Chinese was ‘discovered in Fresno California.   According to the CDC they found over 800 chemicals and the production of 20 viruses including; CoVid, Hep B & C, strep, pneumonia, Herpes 1 & 5, Rubella, and chlamydia. The lab was given a $360,000 tax relief credit by governor Newsom. The purpose is to infect mice with the viruses and then release them into cities.

How many of ‘nature’s viruses’ have nothing to do with nature? We know HIV is a scam, AIDS is a scam, flu’s are scams including those determined to be infecting chickens because of ‘ducks’, maybe the aliens are really significantly evolved humans living inside earth?   Maybe there are more than one form of humanoid species inhabiting earth?

Because, the lies seem to be revealed every day instead of every decade. Unraveling.

Do whales mass beach themselves after their sonar is damaged due to windfarms, or due to military exercises?   Are lawns dying because of chemicals in the rain?   Why are there so much fewer squirrels and bunnies?


Because, if the Cartel destroys the planet they destroy themselves too.   Maybe the aliens are forcing them to destroy earth.   Who the heck knows? – Yet. We will find out eventually.   Seems cleaner to just reveal all the truisms including the puppet Masters.


“Their large Haldron Accelerator propels bursts of 200,000 billion protons around a 27km ring at a rate of 11,000 times a second. Beams of protons hurtle around the ring in opposite directions until they collide with such force that they generate myriad sub-atomic particles – including the Higgs Boson. A set of gargantuan detectors then crunch some of the data from 40 million collisions a second.”

In the midst of this kaleidoscope of reality, CERN has claimed they have opened portals into other dimensions since 2016.   CERN makes claims about their particle smashing Collider, but their true ambitions and experiments are carried out with no oversight whatsoever.   Stephen Hawking was not a fan of CERN.   He said they were grossly reckless and could quite easily accidentally cause Earth to be consumed by a Black Hole.

The attached picture represents the effect the activity at CERN has on the atmosphere.   A video taken by a tourist depicts the formation of a thin vortex shortly after the Haldron Accelerator initiated the particle collider.  It appears to show a vessel/UFO traveling into the central point of the vortex before it disappears:

It becomes rather obvious that CERN is affecting/impacting our atmosphere, our tilt, our axis, our climate, and our presence in the universe.   And science experts have no concern for the consequences.

Elon Musk stated that CERN was demonic.

The Mandela Effect postulates that masses of people can have the same false memory. Some postulate that it is akin to mass hypnosis.   Others have postulated that there are an infinite number of parallel universes wherein people have inadvertently stepped into this portal and arrived on a parallel planet in which events are the same – but not the same.   As such this would account for false memories shared among divergent groups.

CERN has stated that these parallel universes are actually alternate dimensions which are – infinite.

Maybe Kerry and Soros and Gates have come thru a portal where there is no God into our dimension where there is God.   CERN already claims this is not just possible but they have proof it exists. It aligns with the concept of The Matrix as written about extensively by Jon Rappoport, and the perception that we are living inside a ‘concept’ as opposed to a reality.

Except, now we have a portal to prove it – CERN.

Of course, stepping between parallel universes thru portals would have a constant disruption to the universe as a hole, possibly degrading its stability and causing disruptions in climate, sonar, and even behavior.   As evidenced by the atmospheric pictorials of CERN particle collisions.  At some point, some dimensions would die while simultaneously others are created.   Each parallel is comprised of energy – the human constant is the differential given we react conversely.

The constant is the events, the outcome is the variable. Given an infinite number of variables substantiates the ‘theory’ of the infinite parallel universes.

While this information is corroborated by scientists, like all truisms and shared knowledge – it is already old when we are made privy to its existence. Therefore, what is reality in the present tense has already infinitely surpassed what we are told… Meaning, Climate Change is relative to millions of years ago… as is the Universe. And what we are seeing is billions of light years past – as is our ‘present’.

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