“Climate Change” FANATICS are the GREATEST THREAT the world faces right now

The Climate Change Cult is the greatest threat planet earth and all of its inhabitants face right now, as they are extremely motivated to destroy all things that create and maintain human life, animal life, and plant life. The Climate Change Cult (CCC) wants to eliminate all CO2, the building block of all life on earth. They want to block out the sun by using chemicals sprayed into our skies. They want to kill off all the livestock and have humans only eat bugs and worms.

The CCC wants to end all use of fossil fuels, which will end all agriculture cultivation and the transportation of those goods to grocery stores. They want to start WWIII with Russia because they believe the O'Biden Regime cares about the USA. Destruction of our livelihood is coming from all angles, and the people who claim they want to save life are the very people out to destroy everything under the guise of stopping "climate change" and "global warming."

Every few years, the CCC postpones the date the world will "end" due to climate change, global warming, cow farts

"No more red meat!" They declare. We must save the humans from the sun getting any hotter, even though the data shows we are in a long, slow cooling trend. "The oceans are rising and swallowing up all the coastal cities!" They exclaim. Meanwhile, all the beaches everywhere are still the same size, with all the sand just sitting there, and the tourists with their umbrellas and beach chairs just chilling out at the continent's edges.

From Al "Boiling Oceans" Gore to Greta "Cry Baby" Thunberg, we've heard all the dismal predictions of the end of the world, and every few years, the date gets postponed. Now it's all about "climate lockdowns," because the pandemic lockdowns didn't destroy enough lives and economies for billions of humans to die off and save earth. Now we must all stay in our homes for the next century in order to save earth, while sending all of our savings and the rest of our income to the CCC, so they can battle global warming from their laptop computer in their private jets, while eating filet mignon.

Eat bugs all day, ride your bike to work, and get vaccinated with deadly spike proteins every 4 months… in order to save the world

The globalists and communists really do hate the populace and want us all dying and dead, and soon. In order to "save energy," we must use electric vehicles that require fossil-fuel-driven charging stations and batteries that pollute the earth MORESO than gasoline-powered vehicles. Oops.

In order to "save the food supply," we must all lock ourselves in our homes and eat only bugs, worms, and laboratory-concocted food that Bill Gates provides us, while all the farms and farmers go bankrupt and die off, and the globalists slaughter all the livestock.

In order to "save the world from communist aggression," the USA must be ruled by communists who aggressively attack other countries and start unnecessary wars that could end in nuclear catastrophes and/or biological releases of chemical agents and the spread of "novel" virus pandemics.

The mass media is "all in" for this CCC-led mayhem. Social media is "all in" for this CCC-led insanity. The millenials all think it's real. In fact, most people who have been brainwashed by the CCC believe that anyone who does NOT support the CCC is a "domestic terrorist" who wants to destroy lives and the planet. Our survival has been reverse-engineered by the insidious globalists and the Climate Change Cult. It's truly a sad state of affairs, especially since all of these sheeple can't see the forest for the trees, and realize that the pandemic lockdowns caused massive health and economic issues we barely recovered from. When will they ever learn?

Tune that internet "dial" to Climate.news for updates on the communist Biden Regime and his globalist rulers enforcing population-reducing lockdowns so they can get richer while the populace dies off. 

(Article by S.D. Wells republished from NaturalNews.com )

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