Challenge Filed in Federal Court To Remove Trump From Presidential Race Citing 14th Amendment

Far-left attorneys have filed a challenge in federal court to have Donald Trump removed from the 2024 presidential race citing the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution.

Attorney Lawrence Caplan filed the challenge on Thursday claiming Trump cannot legally be on the 2024 ballot because he supposedly “engaged in an insurrection.”

“The bottom line here is that President Trump both engaged in an insurrection and also gave aid and comfort to other individuals who were engaging in such actions, within the clear meaning of those terms as defined in Section Three of the 14th Amendment,” Caplan said in his filing.

“Assuming that the public record to date is accurate, and we have no evidence to the contrary, Trump is no longer eligible to seek the office of the President of the United States, or of any other state of the Union.”

The 14th Amendment was ratified in 1868 in the shadow of the Civil War and “automatically excludes from future office and position of power in the U.S. government”, …. “and any individual who has previously taken an oath to support and defend our Constitution and after which acts so as to rebel against that charter, either via overt insurrection or by giving aid or comfort to the Constitution’s enemies.”

The federal court challenge comes as Trump is surging in the polls against the demoralized incumbent, and dominating his GOP rivals by record margins.

The establishment can’t beat Trump in a fair fight so they have to find ways to cheat… again.

Mark my words: They’ll claim they’re doing this to “protect democracy.”

(Article by Baxter Dmitry republished from

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