California To Allow Kids To Legally Identify As Animals

California is officially allowing children to identify and transition into animals, including fictional beasts that don’t actually exist, according to reports.

California’s chief psychologist Dr. Diane Ehrensaft announced that children in the state will be allowed to identify as “gender minotaurs” and other gender hybrids as part of California’s inclusivity measures.

The Minotaur, in Greek mythology, was a creature which had the body of a man but the head of a bull. reports: In a list of terms published by Ehrensaft, in a paper titled The Gender Affirmative Model, she refers to different ways in which children have described themselves. 

One of these included ‘gender minotaur’, which is described as being a descriptor for a child who sees themselves as one gender on top, and another on their bottom half.  

Other claims made by the psychologist include what she describes as a ‘gender prius’.

This label is said to have been explained to her by a child who looked like a boy at the front, but had a long braid tied in their hair with a pink bow. 

According to the paper, the child said: ‘You see – I’m a Prius, a boy in the front, a girl in the back. A hybrid.’ 

Other terms include a ‘gender smoothie’ which is described as a variation of being gender fluid. 

One teenager described it to Ehrensaft as: ‘You take everything about gender, throw it in the blender, press the button, and you’ve got me—a gender smoothie.’

Another term shared by Ehrensaft is ‘gender tesla’ which she describes as a transgender state some children reach after being gender hybrid. 

Ehrensaft had previously told a 2018 talk held at the San Francisco Public Library: ‘I totally agree we are in the midst of a gender revolution and the children are leading it. 

‘It’s a wonderful thing to see. And it’s also humbling to know [children] know more than we do about this topic of being gender expansive.’

Ehrensaft believes that transgenderism is derived from a ‘gender web’ which is influenced by culture, upbringing and nature.   

During the talk in 2018, Ehrensaft discussed a conversation she had with a 7-year-old that there can be ‘gender minotaurs’.

She also said: ‘I started meeting a whole bunch of other gender hybrids. And so we have the gender prius, we have a gender minotaur.

‘And most of the kids who are gender minotaurs love mermaids. So make sure you have a lot of mermaid books. If you really you think about it, it works.’ has reached out to Ehrensaft and the hospital for further comment.

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