Unrepentant sociopath Matt Hancock says he’s “profoundly sorry” for not tyrannizing Brits ENOUGH during covid

In a bizarre and groveling statement before the United Kingdom government's official COVID Inquiry this week, former Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who tyrannized Brits with extreme covid tyranny throughout the fake "pandemic," apologized for not unleashing enough tyranny upon UK citizens.

Despite being one of the worst offenders as far as covid authoritarianism is concerned, Hancock says he could have done more to prevent "covid deaths" and hopes that the next round of lockdowns for Pandemic 2.0 will be "much earlier" and "more stringent" than what occurred during covid.

As you can see from the above video clip of Hancock speaking, the guy is a maniacal psychopath who learned nothing from the consequences of the tyranny he wrought on innocent people he was supposed to represent.

It is also clear from the above video that the official COVID Inquiry is just a pretext for institutionalizing lockdowns as the new normal every time the government or the pharmaceutical industry decides that there is another "health scare" needing to be mitigated.

"Hancock's testimony seemed to confirm skeptics' worst fears that the COVID Inquiry is being used as a pretext to institutionalise lockdowns, and it marked an astonishing new low for the COVID Inquiry, which so far has revealed little of value and assiduously avoided asking officials why they found the horrific decision to copy China's lockdown policy remotely appropriate – though the officials have openly admitted lockdown wasn't part of any Western country's pandemic plan and have pondered whether any country would have done it had it not been for China," reported the Brownstone Institute.

"Worst of all may be the fact that 17 members of the pro-lockdown pressure group 'Independent SAGE' have been asked to give evidence at the COVID Inquiry. For those who've been paying attention, this is a far cry from how optimists hoped the aftermath of the COVID response would eventually play out."

Independent SAGE is an extremist disinformation group posing as an official government body (just like the CDC is a private corporation posing as a U.S. federal agency)

It is worth pointing out that Independent SAGE is not a legitimate political body. It is little more than a group of extremists with no relevant credentials who have made it their job to pursue their "Zero Covid" goal, which communist China has already proven is not possible.

There will always be some "testing kit" somewhere that detects the presence of "covid" inside someone's body. And if the new normal is to unleash extreme government tyranny every time another "case" emerges, then there will never again be freedom in the world.

"In short, 'Independent SAGE' is nothing but a disinformation organisation that caused unfathomable harm by convincing citizens and officials to pursue an illusory goal using illiberal methods with very real and catastrophic costs," reports explain.

"To have Independent SAGE give evidence at the COVID Inquiry means the potential criminals have, quite literally, been given a role in prosecuting the case. The members of Independent SAGE are the ones who should be facing an inquiry; given the scale of the harm, the UK could do worse than to have them all banged up in the Tower of London – at least until we know more."

Keep in mind that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is another government-like entity that is technically just a private corporation in disguise steering public policy. 

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

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