Tucker Carlson Interviews Rapper Ice Cube in Latest Twitter Video on Politics, BLM, the COVID Vaccine

In his latest Twitter video, Tucker Carlson interviewed rapper Ice Cube, as they drove around Los Angeles.

It’s an excellent reminder that Tucker will talk to just about anyone who is willing to meet with him and it’s an interesting segment, too.

Ice Cube expresses his skepticism about politics, he calls out the leaders of BLM for their hypocrisy, and explains why he didn’t take the COVID vaccine.

The Post Millennial has more details:

BREAKING: Ice Cube challenges official Covid, BLM narratives in brand new Tucker Carlson interview

Recently appearing as the guest on the most recent episode of Tucker on Twitter, world-famous rapper Ice Cube joined show host Tucker Carlson to discuss a myriad of topics that are considered controversial in today’s mainstream culture.

Numerous subjects were covered, ranging from the societal pressures and compulsion surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak to whether forces such as BLM and corporate America are practicing the virtues they claim to hold.

“Three years ago, a bunch of big companies put hundreds of millions of dollars in Black Lives Matter…” Carlson said to Ice Cube. “Did that improve the neighborhood you grew up in?”

“Whenever you do that, most of the time a lot of people are siphoning that money off the top,” answered Ice Cube. “And the kicker is a lot of people saying I’ll give them money, but they don’t even give me money,” he said with a smile.

Watch the video below:

When Tucker gets his own media company up and running, it’s definitely going to be different than most of what is available on TV these days.

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