The Spectre of Michelle Obama — Roger Stone Lays Out Frightening Scenario While Speaking to Turning Point USA

A spectre is haunting the United States of America — the spectre of Michelle Obama.

Roger Stone broke the news on Sunday.

“As a veteran of many years in American politics, I’m going to tell you something somewhat shocking,” Stone told a full house at yesterday’s Turning Point USA event in Florida, “Joe Biden will not be the nominee of the Democratic Party in 2024.”

Stone said that while he expects Kamala Harris to serve a brief stint as President, her tenure wouldn’t be long lasting.

“The only way, in their (Democrat) party that they can replace a woman of color, is with another woman of color,” the genius of political strategy further explained.

“And yes, you heard it here first,” Stone prefaced while groans turned into a disgruntled roar from the Sunshine State crowd, “The democratic nominee for President will be Michelle Obama.”

Although some may find absurdity in the suggestion of another Obama presidency, it’s not like Barack hasn’t discussed the idea before, and Joe Biden’s dumpster fire administration makes even the most outlandish assessments seem realistic.

Much like the Marxist playbook we’ve seen time and again through history elsewhere in the world, the near entirety of our nation has been radicalized through an advanced progressive onslaught along with reactionary upheaval from adversarial forces in conservative America.

Kamala Harris encourages the mobs in summer 2020

Just as it was in Europe, during the twilight years of the 19th century, the political stage in our divided union is now perfectly framed by two pillars of revolutionary necessity.

I. As illustrated by multiple opinion pieces in major publications such as “The Hill” in the last few months, Michelle Obama is already acknowledged by the entirety of the political landscape. In recognition of that fact, Democrat Party operatives continue to quietly float the idea of nominating the former First Lady for President.

II. It is a matter of inevitability that the radicalized Democrat party should allow the Obamas to once again step openly to the forefront of their stated agenda of fundamental transformation, and meet this “nursery tale” of the Spectre of Michelle Obama with blatant reality made manifest.

The Obamas are optimally poised for re-emergence.

If Roger Stone is as accurate as he sounds, “Red Scare” may be putting things mildly.

“They have already rigged their primaries,” Stone explained while laying out his near-tragic vision, “The reason that they have cancelled the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampsire primary is to put South Carolina, a state where the majority of democrat primary voters are African Americans, and they will allow Gavin Newsom to purchase the Vice-Presidential nomination.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom has already shown what he’s willing to do for political gain

“But the Obamas will hold him up for six or eight hundred million dollars to do so,” Stone elaborated bluntly, “When Steve Bannon says it in three weeks remember I said it first.”

So, while certain compartments of the Republican Party continue to argue and ignore their constituents — looking for any reason to deny Donald J. Trump as his leadership position — the Marxist Democrat Spectre of a Michelle Obama Presidency becomes more possible with every passing day.

***WATCH Roger Stone’s remarks HERE***
(Article by Shawn Bradley Witzemann republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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