The Great Famine Reset: You Will Own Nothing and You Will Be Starving

 Authored by Augusto Zimmermann and John Hartnett via The Epoch Times,

“You will own nothing, and you will be happy.” This confronting statement emanates from the World Economic Forum (WEF), a non-governmental organisation established in 1971 by Klaus Schwab.

By all appearances, the WEF is the most powerful organisation in the world. For decades, it has been at the centre of bringing together the world’s richest and most powerful in business and politics, becoming the driving force in the world, especially after COVID-19.

In July 2020, Mr. Schwab co-authored and published a book entitled “COVID-19: The Great Reset.” With this publication, he sought to identify the weaknesses of the present economic system, which, according to him, were exposed by the alleged pandemic.

Mr. Schwab’s WEF considers COVID-19 as a “rare but narrow window of opportunity” to reset the global economy. This involves the elimination of national borders and the removal of property rights and, indeed, any other individual right from the rest of us.

In what is perhaps even more remarkable, the Great Reset also involves changing human beings.

According to political economist and financial journalist James Gorrie, one of WEF’s people, professor and author Yuval Noah Harari declared that the era of people’s free will is “over,” with humans being merely “hackable animals.”

Above all, the primary goal of the Great Reset is to restructure the entire world into a top-down dictatorship that is ruled by the global oligarchy.

“COVID-19 restrictions and measures to tackle climate change are pillars of the Great Reset initiative aimed to remake global capitalism, leading ultimately to tyrannical control over societies,” says climate journalist and formal political aide Marc Morano.

An empty and closed Melbourne Cricket Ground is seen in Melbourne, Australia, on Sept. 3, 2021. (Darrian Traynor/Getty Images)

If there is anything COVID-19 has taught us is that many governments are not working for the people.

To the contrary, these governments are following the script of the WEF’s Great Reset, which “is tied to the climate change and the green new deal policies pushed in the United States, Europe and some other countries as well as the United Nations’ climate agenda and net-zero initiative.”

Jeopardizing Food Security to Lower Emissions

These oligarchical plans to compromise food security and destroy property rights are well underway in many countries around the globe.

Take, for instance, the example of the Netherlands. A tiny country in terms of land and population, this country is nevertheless the second largest food exporter in the world.

And yet, this is all coming soon to an end due to governmental policies that effectively blame them for “high greenhouse emissions,” despite the nation contributing only 5.2 percent of all the EU emissions.

It is estimated that up to 3,000 farmers could have to close down their productive farms in that country.

Writing for The Spectator Australia, Xin Du comments:

“The Dutch policies are particularly puzzling, as Dutch farmers are among the most efficient in the world … It is, therefore, mind-boggling that the Dutch government and the EU would want to uproot this industry rather than to promote and emulate it in a world that is running out of food.”

Unfortunately, the Dutch government is not alone in targeting their farmers. Many countries, including Canada, Germany, and Sri Lanka, are following a similar agenda to undermine the agricultural sector by reducing nitrogen in the environment by at least 30 percent.

Farmers arrive for a protest at the government district in Berlin, Germany, on Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2019. (Photo: AP /Markus Schreiber)

Joshua Phillip, an investigative reporter and recognized expert on asymmetrical hybrid warfare, says “nitrogen reduction policies and chemical fertilizer trends in the majority of countries around the world will lead to food shortages, like what happened in Sri Lanka recently.”

The global warming alarmists claim nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas, and we must stop meat production to reduce it. This is just another scam.

In the United States, farmers already cannot find enough chemical nitrogen fertilizer to grow their crops. The WEF recommendation to “build back better” has been adopted in the United States as a “climate change policy.”

Under the Biden administration, this, too, has led to the collapse of the current energy system in order to lower carbon dioxide emissions.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently released a disturbing report that essentially warns the American public about inevitable food shortages.

The threat of food shortage in that country has been further aggravated by governmental policies that result in rising interest rates, price inflation, and excessive environmental regulations that, when combined, create very serious problems for that nation’s agrarian and livestock sectors.

Global Population

It is the WEF’s propaganda of overpopulation and environmental damage that leads governments to implement such rash insane policies.

How is that going to affect global food supplies? Not very well, we suspect. How do we reduce the global demand for resources and limit environmental damage? Depopulate the world of humans.

We are constantly told that there are too many people on this planet and it can’t support everyone.

The WEF has set about implementing an agenda of dramatic depopulation of the world. This has been the program of the Club of Rome, an oligarchical think-tank, as far back as 1972 when its members were concerned with global resources and overpopulation.

Renowned primatologist Jane Goodall said at the WEF in 2020:

“All these [environmental] things we talk about wouldn’t be a problem if the world was the size of the population that there was 500 years ago.”

In 1600, the world population is estimated to have been 500 to 580 million. That means 94 percent fewer humans in the world!

We are meant to believe that reducing the world’s population to 500 million will relieve the environment of the stress on both resources and environmental damage.

But the reduction of the human population can be done and has been done through wars.

In World War I, 21.5 million died of which 13 million were civilians. The civilian deaths were largely caused by starvation, exposure, disease, military encounters, and massacres. In World War II, 40-50 million died, the largest of any war.

Then there were the massacres by the communists. For example, Joseph Stalin’s Bolsheviks killed 40-60 million in the former Soviet Union, and Mao Zedong’s communist regime killed 65-78 million in China.

The war in Ukraine, coupled with the West’s economic sanctions, has put the world’s food security at tremendous risk. These sanctions aim to punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. However, they are causing a serious danger to the world’s ability to feed itself.

In the worst-case scenario, says Chris Barrett, an agricultural economist at Cornell University, “we are going to see tens of millions of people suddenly facing famine.”

Control the Money

We are presently experiencing an asymmetric war, some kinetic (NATO/Ukraine vs. Russia) but primarily a silent war where food shortages are engineered. This is achieved through shutting down production by driving farmers from the land, banning live animal exports, and disrupting supply lines, as we saw in the “pandemic” years.

But probably the greatest driver of famine is none of the above. It is the supply of currency and credit.

Control the food supply, and you control the people. But control the money supply, and you control the whole world.

Of course, controlling the money supply also directly affects the food supply.

It goes without saying that since 2008, the world-dominating U.S. Federal Reserve has been “printing money” like never before. Currently, the amount is already 2.3 times larger (in the same dollar terms) than was “printed” during and after World War II. And there is no sign of stopping.

Since the U.S. dollar is the global reserve currency, either hyperinflation will result and/or a total global economic collapse will ensue. Either way, it doesn’t matter; the global famine will accelerate. It is inevitable.

We need to wake up to the tactics of the global oligarchs and resist all efforts to impose their objectives on us.

We must stop also the woke depopulation agenda and put an end to the WEF’s ungodly neofascist agenda before it is too late. Otherwise, paraphrasing WEF’s statement, you will own nothing, and you will be starving!

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