Teammates Of Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas Voiced Complaints - University Offered To "Re-Educate" Them

It was perhaps unfair that the teammates of trans swimmer Lia Thomas (originally William Thomas) were accused of being complicit in the destruction of women's sports because they "refused" to speak out.  Their initial silence in the public eye was treated by some as an endorsement of biological men posing as women participating in women's sports.  At the time, Lia Thomas was being held up by the corporate media as a hero (or heroine), the very model of the new trans-ification of sports; a rush by trans competitors into the women's arena soon followed.  

However, the team members were trying to fight back.  And according to their recent testimony, Lia Thomas was made a priority by the University of Pennsylvania and they were given an ultimatum - Fall into line or risk being ostracized as "bigots."  Furthermore, the women were told that they would have to share a locker room, changing facilities and bathrooms with the man, regularly forced to undress in front of him and be forced to watch him undress.  When they expressed concerns over this privacy issue, UPenn offered psychological services to "re-educate" Lia's teammates so that they would feel more comfortable with the changing arrangements.   

The trans movement has proven time and time again to be a vehicle for censorship and thought control in the name of "protecting the feelings of marginalized people." In reality, trans activists use a classic Marxist methodology: The exploitation of false victim status as a means to gain power over others.  And while intersectional feminism was the gateway drug to the trans movement we see today, it is now ironically women who face erasure as their entire biological reality is denied.  Hopefully the tide is turning as women speak out against dangers of trans ideology, no longer content to be used by the political left as pawns while their spaces are slowly diminished.

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