Rothschild Banking Dynasty Vows To ‘Restore Ukraine’ Because It Has ‘Soft Spot’ For Zelensky

The notorious Rothschild banking dynasty has pledged to partake in the “restoration of Ukraine” because it has a “soft spot” for the notoriously corrupt nation’s government led by Volodymyr Zelensky, according to Alexandre de Rothschild, the executive chairman of Rothschild & Co.

Rothschild was not aware he was speaking to Russian prankster duo Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyarov, known professionally as Vovan and Lexus, when he opened up about the Rothschild banking dynasty’s plans in Ukraine.

Having previously managed to dupe people such as former US president George W. Bush, American bestselling author Stephen King and UK Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace, the pranksters now managed to outwit none other than Alexandre de Rothschild, the great-great-great-great-grandson of the infamous Rothschild banker dynasty’s founder.

Apparently convinced that he was talking with Ukrainian president Zelensky, Rothschild revealed how he and his enterprise intend to partake in the “restoration of Ukraine” in sectors such as “energy, housing construction and logistics.” Listen:

Rothschild alleged that his company has been acting in the interests of the Ukrainian government since 2017.

“And we have had a fantastic relationship with people in your government,” he added.

As the People’s Voice reported at the time, Zelensky’s Ukranian government appointed Rothschild to advise its Financial Ministry in 2017 in an effort to manage “medium-term debt liabilities.“

Rothschild also claimed that he and his enterprise have a “soft spot” for Ukraine, especially amid the ongoing hostilities in the country.

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