Roger Stone Says Trump Told Him the Remaining Classified JFK Assassination Documents Were “So Horrible”

Roger Stone was recently on Human Event’s Daily hosted by Jack Posobiec and had some very interesting details to share regarding the remaining classified JFK assassination documents.

Posobiec stared off the segment by mentioning that the Biden administration has extended the declassification of files regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

On June 27th, the Biden administration released 1,103 documents pertaining to JFK’s assassination but decided to postpone releasing the remaining classified documents.

Stone shared with Posobiec that in 2017, he contacted President Trump and asked Trump what he was going to do about the JFK documents because under the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992, all the documents were set to be released.

Stone stated Trump responded to him by saying “why hasn’t anyone brought this to my attention?”

Trump later looked into it and told Stone “They don’t want me to release it.”

Stone believes Trump was referencing that the intelligence agencies did not want him to release the files.

Despite pushback, Trump did released over 80% of JFK documents which revealed Lee Henry Oswald received a 1099 from the FBI and attended a foreign language school funded by the Pentagon.

Stone later asked Trump why he didn’t release the remaining 20% of the JFK assassination files to which Trump replied “I can’t tell you. It’s so horrible you wouldn’t believe it. Someday, you’ll find out all about it.”


The Independent Sentinel provided the following transcript:

“Trump did release roughly 80% of the documents, and we found out some shocking things. For example, Lee Harvey Oswald had gotten a, you know, 1099 from the FBI; that’s because he had been on their payroll. He was an informant; Lee Harvey Oswald had attended the foreign language school that is run by the Central Intelligence Agency in North Carolina. That’s how he learned to speak Russian.

“We learned about President Lyndon Johnson’s early membership in the Ku Klux Klan. That was among the documents that were included uh so there’s a lot of stuff there that historians poured through.

“There was a lot of interesting data, but even Trump held back 20% of the documents. When I had the occasion to ask him about that, I said, ‘Why didn’t you let it all out, and he said, ‘I can’t tell you. It’s so horrible you wouldn’t believe it. Someday, you’ll find out all about it. The sum total of it. He didn’t want to talk about it.”

In the latest dump of JFK files assassination documents released on June 27th of 2023, The Gateway Pundit was able to find out that Lyndon Johnson turned down an independent investigation into JFK’ death.

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