Norwegian Man Forcibly Confined In Psychiatric Unit For Sharing Covid ‘Conspiracies’ On Facebook

Norwegian man Trond Harald Haaland was forcibly admitted to a state-run psychiatric unit in Stavanger for nine days to undergo re-education after he posted Covid-19 “conspiracy theories” on Facebook, according to local reports.

The socialist Scandinavian nation has been completely infiltrated by the World Economic Forum in recent years, and current Labour Party prime minister is an Agenda Contributor at the WEF. As a consequence, far-left practices, including informing on neighbors, is returning to Norwegian daily life.

After Haaland was reported to the authorities by anonymous Facebook “acquaintances”, he was forcibly removed from his house by a doctor accompanied by two police officers, and forcibly confined in a psychiatric institution for nine days.

ccording to Haaland, the so-called “conspiracy theories” posted on Facebook were simply questions about the Norwegian government’s hard-line Covid response during the pandemic.

A medical doctor and two lay judges acted as the jury in the government’s case against Haaland and they voted to confine him to a psychiatric institution indefinitely.

However, thanks to the tireless work of his legal team, family and supporters, Haaland was released after a meeting of the control commission on Friday 28 July 2023. The commission ruled against the “judgment” to confine Haaland to a psychiatric institution for questioning the government’s Covid response.

The original judgement used the so-called “conspiracy theories” on Facebook to argue that Haaland was manic, psychotic, paranoid and not reality-oriented given the content of the posts.

However, in a telling twist during the appeal, the psychiatrist in charge of Haaland’s case admitted they did not even take the time to read the so-called “conspiracy theories” that he allegedly posted on Facebook.

There is no doubt that Haaland’s forced psychiatric admission was made on the basis of political statements on Facebook without any legitimate grounds.

Haaland’s lawyer Barbro Paulsen has so far failed to obtain the identity of those who were described as “acquaintances” who submitted concerns about his mental health.

This could mean that anyone in Norway can submit a concern about someone with whom they disagree politically or professionally, claim that the person is spreading conspiracy theories, and have a doctor sent to their door with two police officers to ensure that the person in question is locked up in a psychiatric clinic.

Meanwhile the psychiatrist in charge of the case will not be required to take the time to read the posts in question.

There is a lot to deal with here, but Haaland’s release is first and foremost a victory for the individual, the human being and the rule of law in Norway.

And those who are attempting to confine people for the crime of asking questions about the Covid pandemic, and the brutal response of governments, must be investigated themselves. 

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