Joe Rogan: Epstein Had Blackmail Material on ‘Child Rapist’ Bill Clinton

Joe Rogan claims that billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had compromising material on former president Bill Clinton involving the sexual abuse of minors.

Rogan dropped the bombshell during a recent show with comedian Duncan Trussell, and mentioned the infamous painting Epstein had of Clinton wearing a blue dress and the fact that “Slick Willy” flew on Epstein’s plane dozens of times.

“That painting is like: ‘I got you, bitch. You know he knows about it. Imagine if I knew some horrible dark secrets about you and you came over to my house and I have a giant painting of you,” Rogan pointed out.

“Right when you walk into the front door of you in a dress and I’m like, ‘Hey buddy.’”

“And now you kind of control a president. Holy s–t,” Trussell responded.

Per The New York Post:

Call logs released in 2016 suggest Clinton flew on Epstein’s private “Lolita Express” jet at least 26 times — with one such trip documented with a picture of the politician posing in the plane’s entryway with Epstein accomplice Ghislane Maxwell.

The former president was also snapped receiving a massage from Epstein accuser Chauntae Davies during a stopover for refueling during one of his trips on the notorious private jet.

Additionally, Epstein visited the White House at least 17 times in the early years of the Clinton administration — including three different occasions in which he visited twice in one day.

In one visit on Sept. 29, 1993, Epstein attended an event where he and Maxwell were photographed alongside Clinton after the financier donated $10,000 to help renovate the building.

Clinton’s camp has admitted that the traveled numerous times with the financier, but has repeatedly denied that the former president had any knowledge of Epstein’s perverted past.

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